Thursday, July 31, 2008

Funny Out of Context Answers

Who's ready for the answers to my Random Quotes from around the house?

*crickets chirp*

OK here goes.

1) Me: "Jake? Find the banana!" Isabel walked out of the kitchen with a banana. Five minutes later, she walks around the corner; no banana, no peel. I asked her where it was and her answer was "Idunnooooo." I then yelled this out to Jake, who thought I was insane, until I explained to him what happened.

2) Jake: "It's Chinkeling!" This is an oldie. Jake was trying to describe something, a ring, a chime. His tongue got confused and he tried to say "ringing" or "chiming" or "tinkling" but instead, we got Chinkeling. We often use that made-up work to describe bells and chimes, coin rattling, etc.

3) Me: "I've got to get, your parent's anniversary, out of your hair." I was trying to get something out of Jake's hair, at the same time that David asked me what I needed to get a present or card for. Jake was scooting away from my hand and David asked me the question as I started to explain to Jake that he had something in his hair. The above sentence got a laugh from both of them.

4) Me: "Can you NOT play with Bubba's teeth?" In my bedroom dresser drawer, I have two tiny little wood round boxes. Tiny. One contains a strand of Jake's first haircut wrapped in a ribbon. The second has Jake's baby teeth. Isabel rummaged through the drawer and was messing around with the teeth. (Oh, Bubba=Brother=Jake. )

5) Me: "I'm gonna eat your meat, o.k.?" (That sounds REALLY not good!) Jake was not hungry, so I was going to eat the steak he left on his plate, OK??

6) Me: "Stop running around the couch with Bubba's teeth!" See # 4. She decided to run around the couch at full speed, as she often does, but this time with the little tooth box.

7) Jake: "Hey! I learned Gonorrhea's from Florida!" Jake was playing "Call of Duty 4" online with several people. Everyone has crazy screen/account names. One of the players was "Gonorrhea." They talk on-line using headsets and Jake had just found out another player lived in Florida, so he blurted this out.

8) David: "I got killed by soft toilet paper." This time, David was playing "Call of Duty 4" on the PS3. His character got killed by another player, whose screen name was "Soft Toilet Paper."


Big Sis said...

Too funny, this was a fun blog.......;)

Niki said...

The zaniness never really stops at your house, does it?