Monday, July 14, 2008

*grumblegrumble* Bandwagon Jumper *grumblegrumble*



David decides he wants to try my very low carb diet, so he reads a little book I have and has been (constantly) calling me at work asking "Can I eat this?" No. "Can I eat this?" No.

SIX days later...he's lost 7 pounds.

MEN!! Why do they always lose faster than women? He's not even WORKING OUT!! SO not fair!

Anywhoo, back to moi.

End of week 7 & I lost another 4 lbs. That's now 17 pounds in 7 weeks.

Oh Yea!


Kellis said...

Men have faster metabolisms. It's so not fair! So what kind of low, low carb diet are you trying?

Kellis said...
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Kaaren said...

Hey K,

(your comment appeared twice).

I am doing Atkins, which I really don't recommend to people as a life choice. I would never do it forever. I use it as a way to lose weight (I have done it before several times. It just SUX how limiting a blah it is).

Kellis said...

Yeah, the stupid comment looked like it hadn't posted, so I hit submit again and then (of course!!) both comments appeared. Grr. I don't think blogger has a way to delete comments you post. (Boo!)

So you temp lose some pounds and then go back to a healthy diet after you've lost the weight? Man, I don't think I could ever go on Atkins. NO FRUIT?!? You're doing a great job though.

Kaaren said...

Hey Kelli

I lose the weight by dieting and then I maintain weight by exercising. When I get to my goal, I'll stop Adkins, eat normally and work out.

Big Sis said...

Your doing so good.
Have you seen my weekly Diet blog?
it's under: Here's to a new me.
Check it out. Down to 179