Sunday, August 12, 2012

Adventure Time's Fionna Cosplay Outfit!

My kids and I are huge Adventure Time fans.  My daughter LOVES to hand-draw Adventure Time pictures  and she also makes great ones using MS Paint.

Adventure Time, (with Fionna, Finn, Cake, Jake, Lady, P.B, and LSP)!

I even made Adventure Time cupcakes for my son's Drama troupe to sell as a fundraiser during intermission at one of their plays. (shout-out to Deviant artist stellarowan, whose design I emulated.)

From Kaaren's Kakes

We were planning on putting together a Princess Bubblegum costume for our daughter for Halloween, but slowly I realized she would really like to be Fionna a little bit more than she would PB.  Fionna is an alternate female version of Finn in a gender-bent episode of Season 3's Adventure Time, called "Fionna and Cake."

Here are my finds:
Fionna's Costume Adventure Time, The Fionna outfit I got together secretly for my 8 year old, who is a huge fan

I started with Etsy, of course!  Although there are many Fionna hats on Etsy, I thought Epic Costume's version looked the best.   The backpack was purchased from Izzy's creations.  It's a simple felt pack, with an opening at the top.  I think it'll be fun for our daughter to use as her trick-or-treat bag.

The top was next.  I searched Gymboree, Gap, Children's Store and Old Navy.  I found some on-line at The Children's Place (not available in the store though; I checked) and The Gap, but eventually got one in-store at Old Navy.

The shoes and socks were quick Payless purchases.  I still have to add the blue stripes to the tops of the socks.

The biggest problem was the skirt.  Fiona's skirt is plain.  No ruffles, no seams, no frills.  I checked everyone both on line and in stores, spending my lunch breaks hunting for a week.  Etsy, Ebay, Gymboree, Gap, Old Navy, The Children's Place, Macy's, JC Penney, Walmart, Sam's Club, Target, K-mart, Hot Topic, Dillard's.  You name it, I checked on-line and/or in stores.  There were some my sister found, but they were in China or the UK, and they were bulk-orders or too expensive.

I ended up having to settle for a skirt that had a ruffle from Wal-Mart.  I still have my sisters out there hunting and I have my eyes open too everywhere I go, just in case I find a non-ruffly one.

When Isabel walked into our guest room where I had laid everything out, she gasped "Wooooooow!!" and immediately ran to get the hat.

Fionna from Adventure Time Photobucket
Isabel as Fionna.



Niki said...

Never too young for cosplay.

♥♦ Be Happy ♦♥ said...

It's Fionna time!

Mstar7424 said...

Thanks for the all the information! Go Fiona!!!

Heather Sewell said...

Hi! My name is Heather Lawver Sewell. You don't know me, but I found your blog while I was searching online for Adventure Time kids costumes. The reason is a little unique - I'm launching a charity to use fandom as a tool to educate kids, primarily in English & Creative Writing. The idea is called NewsEase & will allow teachers, homeschoolers, and children's advocates to create newspapers based on popular books, tv shows, movies, stories, etc. I'm hoping to include Adventure Time as an option.

Anyway, I'm still in the very early days of launching my charity, but I was just chosen as a fellow for the prestigious Halcyon Incubator, which will be launching soon. I'm in the process of building a website to try to expand awareness of my growing charity & hopefully attract investors, volunteers, etc.

I was looking for pictures of kids displaying their love of their favorite stories when I came across your site & your cute daughter in her Fionna costume! (I'm a huge Adventure Time fan too - I even had Finn & Fionna on my wedding cake!!)
I was wondering, could I please have your permission to repost your image of your daughter on my site? Purely as an example of just how much kids love these stories and how far they're willing to go to participate in what they so love. I'd be happy to include your name & a link back to your site if you prefer.

If you'd like to learn more about me or the charity I'm trying to build, please take a look at Please keep in mind, though, that site isn't quite public yet cause I haven't finished it!! You can also learn more about me from the Halcyon Incubator's site at

Anyway! Super long comment done! Thank you very very much for your time! And please tell your daughter I think her Fionna costume is mathematical!! :)