Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SCORE! # 1

I don't normally blog about work because I am not STOOOOOPID, but this is an ok story to tell.

As you know, I was on vacation for two weeks. Two! No work done by me for two weeks.

I do work for both our Orlando and Charlotte, NC divisions. I get back to the office and receive a call from our Charlotte sales rep., who welcomes me back, says he missed me and tells me "Don't ever take two weeks off again!"

It took me about two weeks to get caught back up, as I had to do my daily work plus catch up for the two weeks I was off. During last week, Charlotte sales rep. would call me about things and then in the middle of a conversation, would say "Have you checked your mail?" I, thinking he was talking e-mails about orders, would say "Yes" and then we would continue with our conversation.

At one point he asked me again and I said "B, WHY do you keep asking me that??" He replied "Cause there might be something there for you."

"Ooooooh!," I said. "You mean 'snail mail'."

Last Friday, I received a little note from him, thanking me for all I do for him, along with a $40 Starbucks card. Whooot!!! You had me at 'Latte!'

Then, FedEx shows up with $50 Target gift cards for the entire office. It was a "thank you" from corporate for all the hard work the entire company has put in. Sweet! My boss hands me my envelope and says "Here, you deserve this." and I'm thinking "Why is he re-giving me the gift card?" (he already gave it to me 5 minutes ago). He was giving me his Target card!

Total Score on Friday: $140 in gift cards. Yay Me!


Kellis said...

Hooray! That's awesome Kaaren. It's really wonderful when all your hard work at the office pays off. :-) What are you going to get from Target?

Kaaren said...

Hey Kel,

I've just been doing my normal Target shopping (shampoo, bird seed, TP, etc.) but using the cards. There's nothing we really "need" so I'd rather use it on regular supplies.

Big Sis said...

Is this awesome? HELL YEAH !

Time to ask for another raise girl