Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SCORE # 2 or How I (almost) won the Lotto!

Yesterday I wrote about what a Monday I had. Here's why.

Caller # 15 to local radio station will win $200 in Florida Lotto scratch off tickets.

Me: Dial, dial, dial.
Him: Hey, who's this?
Him: I have two questions for you. 1) are you over 18
Me: Yes
Him: 2) Have you won a prize from here in the past 30 days?
Me: Nooooo, holy cow!
Him: Congratulations Kaaren you just won $200 in Florida Lotto Tickets
Me: (if whisper-screaming were a sport, I'd win gold, baby.) OH MY GAWD! (I'm whispering all this) I CAN'T YELL! MY BOSS IS ON THE PHONE NEXT TO ME!

We continue funny banter about me possibly winning $250k & telling my boss 'good-bye' and such. He takes my info. and we hang up. I'm shaking and I call David. "TURN ON THE RADIO!!!" I tell him.

They play my winning recording (my boss listens in; he's off the phone now) and we're all high-fiving.

Today, we go during my lunch break to pick up my prize. Yes, David met me there, the dork. We go in, I fill out paperwork, and an employee hands me a nylon zippered bag. Huh? What's with the bag? We sit down in the lobby and open the bag. Inside, we have:

a FL Lottery T Shirt
a FL Lottery Hat
a hand-held fan that when the blades spin, it spells out words (Isabel took THAT).
a hand-held weather/storm radio
an MP3 PLAYER!!!!
and 100 ea. $2 scratch off tickets!!

An MP3 player! A whatchamacallit - Shuffle. AND 100 $2 scratch off tickets!!!

We picked up lunch and took it back to work where we proceeded to scratch and scratch and scratch.

Total loot from tickets: $84 won and ten more free tickets won. *snort* GO ME!!


Anonymous said...

How much fun is THAT? I never win anything like that. Keep us posted on your free tickets! 8)

Amy - thefoilhat.com

Kellis said...

Woo, Kaaren! That's so cool!! Even if you don't actually win the jackpot, how awesome. :) And you've already won $84... that's a nice dinner out! Yeah, baby!

Niki said...


Big Sis said...

Yeah you scared the hell out of me when you called me in the middle of the day.

You win a lot in radio contests, right? I think you won a trip once.

Kaaren said...

Hey B,

I have not won in over 3 years. I remember that I took Isabel when she was under 1 with me to pick up the prize (Universal Tickets). Vicky won the L.A. trip, though.

I used to win A LOT. (we weren't as busy at work then).

I won:

$200 cash

A Wake Board and boots (sold it to a co-worker for $200)

A car radio (sold it for $150 to the same co-worker)

Passes to Universal several times.

Passes to Busch Gardens several times.

Movie passes and dvds.

I won a weekend trip to Busch gardens, which included hotel for 2 nights and 4 two-day passes.

I won tickets to see Gewn Steffani's old band whose name I can't remember. Took Vicky with me to see them.

Won tickets to House of Blues, breakfast and music.

I'm sure there's more I am forgetting in the 13 years I've been back in FL.