Thursday, October 31, 2013


It's Halloween!!

We've been preparing!

We carved pumpkins.

Psycho Bubbles by Isabel

Nightmare Before Christmas' Sally (by me)

Dexter by David

I painted my nails!



After!  YEAH!

and Isabel had a My Little Pony Friendship is Magic costume homemade by her aunt Jennifer.


BRING IT ON HALLOWEEN!!  and by that, I mean chocolate.  Thanks.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Galaxy & Werewolf Nails

To date, these Galaxy nails are now MY FAVORITES!


The tutorial, by Ms. Jen Fabulous, can be found here.

In keeping with stars, I created these cute Werewolf in the forest nails  following "IHaveaCupcake's"  Youtube video.  ( She likes to use acrylic paints.  I use nail polish and  use whatever colors I have. I don't go out and buy what they use.  I use what I already have and get these cool results.)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Orlando's Creative City Project & EMP

The City of Orlando takes part in the Creative City Project.

Jacob was part of this event as part of EMP (Electronic Mobile Performance) with Stetson Professor Matt Roberts and another Stetson student, Joe Palermo.   From EMP's site:

EMP: Electronic Mobile Performance is a collaborative, multimedia project involving faculty and students from Stetson University’s Digital Arts program. The group’s primary mission is to explore collaborative artistic production using new technologies and to find new ways of presenting art outside of traditional venues. EMP is directed and founded by Matt Roberts, an Associate Professor of Digital Arts at Stetson University.

Jacob invited me to be there at the 8:30 p.m. performance.  Duh.  Like I'm not going.  Isabel and I drove to Downtown Orlando and parked right around the corner from where their first performance was set up.

I have a TON of footage.  I only uploaded the few Jacob really liked.  Video 3 has some of my favorite beats and also video 4, at around 7:50.

In this one, they're just setting up.  Jacob's in the black t-shirt, Joe's in the white t-shirt and Professor Matt's in the green t-shirt.

This one, video 1, is about 13 minutes long.  It's their first of 4 sets.  They get going right around 2:08.
Notice that the video being reflected on the balloon is set to react to the bass in the music.

This one's a short one.

This one has some good beats.

Video 4 was right at the end and my battery ran out.  Skip to about 7:50 to see my favorite part.  They start a really good jam, and then the battery dies, OF COURSE. After about an hour and a half, they were done and I had to get my gal home.  EMP moved to another location downtown near the LYNX terminal and did a second performance.

I'm so happy to see him performing again.  I have VERY MUCH missed seeing him singing and performing.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Halloween Nails & Marvel Super Heroes

These are my "Dexter" blood-splatter nails

Marvel Nails Left Hand (done with right hand.) Hulk, Thor, Iron Man,
Captain America & Spiderman. Designs found on Google Images. Not sure
who the originator was.

Marvel Nails Right Hand (painted w/my left hand): From thumb, we have The Thing, Wolverine,
Human Torch, Cyclops & Nick Fury.  Except for Wolverine, all my original designs.

Quick candy corn nails.

Halloween Monsters.  The thumbs were a mummy.
Left hand designs from "IHaveaCupcake" off
YouTube. Right hand designs (the bodies) by me.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Florida Theme Parks 101

Dear Tourists Coming to Theme Parks in Florida:
Dear Florida People Coming to Theme Parks in Florida:

This is "Florida Theme Parks 101."  I will be your instructor, Kaaren Noseypantserson.  This class will instruct you on the hows and whys of navigating Florida theme parks.  (I like to call this class "Kaaren's Pet Peeves" to myself.  Don't tell the head honchos though.)

  • Have your $$ already ready to pay for parking.  This is not a surprise, the paying of parking, so why are you waiting before you dig our your purse/wallet?
  • After you have parked, walk IN FRONT OF YOUR CAR to get to the trams, or moving sidewalks etc.  WHY are you walking in the empty spaces that other cars need to park in?!? You're going to get killed, and you're slowing the traffic flow down.  Pay attention.
  • BIG PET PEEVE ALERT: You have just arrived at the Universal Orlando, you CANNOT be tired already, so why are you on the moving sidewalks, standing still, standing three-abreast?  Move over to the right if you're not going to walk. If you're already this tired, I feel for you and the rest of your day.  Stand to the right, walk to the left, don't block the way for others (ME) trying to keep walking. Also, DON'T take your stroller on there.  It says so RIGHT THERE; No strollers.
On the Moving Walkway

In the Parks: The fine art of walking:
  • We walk on the right here.  Please do the same.
  • If you are a party of 10, don't feel the need to walk 10-abreast.  Seriously.  Why are you taking up the entire sidewalk?  And also...
  • Don't randomly decide, en masse, to STOP mid-stride to discuss where you want to go next.  This causes EVERYONE behind you to try and not run into you, or everyone else.  It's crowded people!
Photo from

In the Parks: What the heck are you wearing?:
  •'s scary.  Why aren't you wearing a bra, random 50 year old British lady in the fluorescent tank top?  
  • High heels. Really? Yes, you're a gorgeous foreigner, but heels?
  • BIG PET SKEEVE ALERT: Why are you wearing flip-flops?  I stepped on your toes, why? Because your group of 10 stopped  right in front of me.  Those flip-flops just skeeve me out.  Dirty toes, no arch support at all, corns, calloused heels,  toenails...Ick.   I think my feet are ugly too, hence you'll never see me in flip flops at a theme park.  
  • Shirts with foul language.  This is a family theme park. Yes, yes, you rebel, you, wearing your "F**K You" shirt so everyone can see.  It's never been done before. Nice. We're all impressed.
Final Note:
  • Body odor in cramped spaces is no fun at all.  Make sure you pack your deodorant and use it.  Don't be stinky tourist gal.  

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Harry Potter, Patriotic, Balloons. and Flower China Pattern

Ron, Hermione, Harry (he has a faint pink scar); Hagrid & Dumbledore


My right hand was just Gryffindor colors.  Cause I was lazy

Playing with silvers.  Captain America, perhaps?

I got SO many compliments on these balloons.  At the post office, at church & at Universal, I kept getting stopped so they could see my nails.

Today, I just did these, inspired by The Nailasaurus' September 14th post.

Like a vintage China pattern

Here's my right hand, painting with my left. Not too bad for a righty.