Monday, August 4, 2008



This week and zero weight loss! Dagnabit. I went to my sister's over in Land O' Lakes, ate carbs like it was going out of style for ONE day.

See? Remember I said in order to lose weight I have to BOTH exercise and diet? I wasn't kidding. I did my weekly workouts but that one day killed it. GRRRRRR.

I'm also in a bit of a clothes-quandary. When I got pregnant with Isabel, I was an 8. Then, I jumped to larger sizes after. The smallest of the larger sizes is a 12. I have no size 10 clothes. At all. I have 8's out the wazoo. So, do I buy some size 10's or just keep belting and cinching the heck out of these 12's until I eventually get into an 8?

Grrrrrr, what a poopoo week.


Niki said...

You are so close to the goal that you've plateaued; it'll be fine.
For the love of God would you please buy some 10s already?!? You've worked hard to get out of the 12s and the 8s probably aren't even in fashion any more - reward yourself and buy some clothes that FIT!!!

Kellis said...

I'd buy a couple of pair's of 10's. Say 2 pair. Then you've got 'em, but you haven't spent tons of dough on a new wardrobe (yet. hehe). And I'm sure they will fit you MUCH better.