Sunday, April 25, 2010

Entitlement...and stuff.

Entitlement. Is that word overused? Because it is currently my pet peeve. Not the word itself; its definition and actions.

We are surrounded by so much STUFF. We have so much stuff we need extra closets in our house or to rent storage facilities for it all. Why do we have so much stuff? We have this stuff and we see others with their stuff and we feel entitled to get more. More stuff.

We don't earn it, we don't work hard for it, we just deserve it, right? Because we're oh-so pretty.

Why work hard for it? Just give it to me. Look, I'm pouting and being rude! I'm even going to stomp my foot. Gimme what I want! I deserve it for doing absolutely nothing. How'd you get all that stuff? Why you? You're old and no fun. Why you? (Me? I studied, worked part-time crap jobs while I got a degree, got a job, kept the same job for over 15 years, invested, sacrificed, saved. That's how.)

I don't want to sacrifice now. I'm young. I want to have fun now. I'll worry about the future later. But I have no money now, so I'll charge it. Better yet, someone buy me things. What? No? *stomp foot*

[I'm not even talking politics here. I am talking young people (and some not-so-young too) who think that others need to give, give, give because they're special by just being them. The world owes them something for nothing.]

We've been coddled and told how special we are, even when we come in 5th place. We get those awards for "just being special" in school. What? They don't give those out in life? Gimme!

Um. No. Get a job and work hard at it. Be good at it. Pay a bill, save for your kids' futures (you know, those creatures you made and are responsible for?), stop spending $$ on stuff you don't need. Be responsible; I promise it'll work. Stop upgrading every 6 months. That phone is fine. That computer is fine. No, you don't need to keep up with the Jones' because you can't. You need to contribute to society for society to care back.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Joss, is that you?

We went to a birthday party today. A Chocolate party for two 6-year olds. Chocolate, chocolate everywhere. To say I ate a lot is an understatement,

I got a serious bellyache.

I showed this picture to David and he said "Is that Joss Whedon?" which made me laugh hard.

(The "dad" of the party makes props for horror movies. Fun!"

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Daily Stuff Update

So, Jake is healing nicely. We're hoping by his appointment on the 26th, we'll return his wound vac and be done with it.

Life's still weird, but we're seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, thank God.

Here's a mini-update on what's been going on.

There was some painting going on.

A little bit of Fancy Nancy-ing...

We prepared for our youngest sister's baby shower by making her some cookies. Check out this cuteness! My sister Brenda did all the faces.

We drove over two hours on Sunday to make it to her baby shower. OF COURSE we were there on time, because unlike most Hispanics, I am on time! I even said in front of a group of women who brushed off the lateness as being a Hispanic thing: "No, I'm sorry, but that's no excuse! You leave early and make time." (It's just so disrespectful to everyone's time and planning. It's a running theme with me. There's a party, a time is set, I get there on time, and guess what? I'm helping decorate and set up because NO ONE is there. Sometimes, not even the people hosting the party! I swear. Happened to me with a co-worker and family. The co-worker throwing the party was not there yet at the time on the invitation! They arrived 15 minutes late and I'm hanging streamers. OK, off topic. Letting it go. Breathe. LOL)

My step-mom Nellie, me, my preggo sister Lissette, my sisters Brenda and Jany. (Only missing one, Vicky, who was not there.)

Lissette's first child, Lyric and Isabel. Cousins ♥

Lyric, John and Lissette and baby makes 4.

Also, on 04/19/10, my brother-in-law Kevin (David's brother) and his wife Heather welcomed their first daughter, Kaitlyn Rose. I can't wait to meet her!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

In the meantime...

I've been baking with my sister. It's been fun!

We made a Cinderella pink dress and

a bunch of cookies.

Go check them out on my Kake blog. :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

All is Well

We finally saw the doctor, 15 days post-op! Lord. Anyway, the wound is healing nicely, but Jake will be out of school 2 more weeks. We've been getting his homework and dropping projects off to the school My sister is stil here, thank the Lord. All is Well.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The State of In Between

Ever had a period of time where you felt you were in between? Where things feel completely out of sorts from what you knew was normal?

I've felt that several times in my life. Once, after graduating college and getting married, we moved into my mom's place for a month (way before Jake was born.) It all felt surreal; we weren't meant to be there. We moved back to Alabama where we had been before going to mom's.

I had Jacob via C-section, the recovery period was long and for all intents and purposes, I was alone. It felt surreal the first few months, having this child and not knowing what in the world I was supposed to be doing.

Another surreal time was having Isabel. The help was MUCH better (David was a complete hands-on dad, and I was astounded at the difference), but the 3 months off work and being home with another C-section made my life feel like it was on pause. I physically felt off. I was looking at life through weird lenses.

Everything eventually goes back to a new normalcy, as it always does.

Jacob's surgery and recovery have been hard. An insurance "review" took a week to get approved so they could send us a machine we needed for his recovery. One lost spring-break-vacation week. Lost. So now, school starts tomorrow and he cannot go with this machine attached to his body. I won't do that to him.

This week has felt surreal. My sister's been staying with us, a helping hand. A nurse has been coming over every other day to help out. Jacob goes from calm to panic and screams during her visits. I was asked by my step-mom how I could handle it. How can I not? I am his parent. I have no choice at all, and it's not like "Boy, I wish I could leave" because it's not. It's a "I had this child, he is mine, he is my responsibility, I helped make him and this is just a point in our lives that we will look back on and think 'wow, remember that horrible time we got through?'" thing.

Life looks different as I type. It's surreal. Tomorrow, I will be late to work. I have to go to his school and explain why Jacob will not be in all week, maybe two weeks now. I need to get his school work. I have to leave here and work. I have to leave him to work. Thankfully my sister Brenda is still here, making her own life surreal while helping us with ours.

I just want to be at the "wow, remember that horrible time we got through?" phase already.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters


Yea. I read it. I read "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" because I am an Austen fan and wanted to see what the hubub was about. I had fun reading that book, so when I saw this one at Target, I swiftly scooped it up.



Setting everything near water was a stretch. Having their home as the sole home on a deserted island was ridiculous; travel by boat all the time? All they ate was seafood? Sir John abducted his wife and mother-in-law by force off an island? *sigh* I didn't find it funny. I wanted funny. I mainly rolled my eyes a lot. The added Margaret storyline, the five-point cross thing, the entire CITY UNDER WATER? Why? Why underwater? Why not, you know, move inland, away from the sea monsters? Yea, Yea, it would not make sense if they were inland, but really. The fact that they all live on the shore, on islands, under water really means they are all very very stupid.

Also, they messed with Colonel Brandon and made him gross. Ew. Paperback swap, here we come.