Tuesday, July 30, 2013

VBS: Adventure Week "Turn It Up!"

The church we attend was having their week-long Vacation Bible School.  They created two sessions; an A.M. & P.M. session.  A.M. was from 9 a.m - noon and the P.M. session was from 6 - 9 p.m.  Since Isabel is taking dance classes on Thursday nights, I signed her up for the morning session.  Then I decided to volunteer for the evening session.  Isabel had to come with me 2 of the evening sessions because Jake and David both had to work, so both those days were very long for her.

The theme was "Turn It Up!"

This was free to anyone in our community (except for the $5 fee if they wanted to purchase a VBS T-shirt.)  Kids attending and volunteers working wore "Turn It Up" T-shirts and name tags.  Everything was decorated with the above images.  Age groups were divided into teams; Blue Crew, Yellow Swarm, Green Machine and Red Rumble.  Isabel was in Green Machine.  The morning session had almost 3 times the kids in the evening session.  I had it easy volunteering at night.

I was SO amazed. So impressed.  The "leaders" were all the teens and young adults from the church.  With a little guidance from key adults, these teen and Y.A. leaders were amazing.  From teaching kids dances, to plays, lessons, pep rallies, sports, snack time, set up and tear down, these kids did it all, and most of them worked both sessions.  I was impressed with their talent, leadership, hard work, commitment to God and to loving on these kids, some of who have never been to church in their lives.  There was a water day on Thursday and a family night/wrap up ice cream party on Saturday night that I also worked.  Parents got to see what the kids did all week, played games, danced, watched videos and had ice cream.

I was even presented with a "Shine" award from one of the leaders who nominated me.  It made me smile.
My Shine Award (mmmm, chonklits)

And just make you smile I  leave you with a little funny, below (these are just the night kids.  Imagine this, but triple the kids and that was the a.m. group.)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Mini Golf at Universal Orlando

We've been wanting to go Universal City Walk's Hollywood Drive-in Golf  for quite a while now.  We walk by it every time we go to the the theme parks there.  This Sunday after church, we headed out to play some mini golf.

Isabel chose "The Haunting of Ghostly Greens" 18-hole course versus the "Invaders from Plant Putt" side.  Some holes are super short, but most were normal mini golf sized and just so detailed.

It. was. HOT.  My poor whitey white hubby and daughter were drenched.

Getting cool with the misting fans.

We had a really good time AND got a buy-one-get-one coupon for next time, when we try the alien side. Hopefully Jake doesn't have to work one day this next weekend so we can take him too.

There I am!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Derby Time!

One of my younger sisters Vicky is on a Roller Derby team. Has been for like 3-4 years at least, and I've never seen a bout/match.  When she posted on Facebook that one would be 40 minutes away from my house, I decided to surprise her by going to the game.

But first, signage!!

and shoppage!

New clothes to match the teams colors for Isabel.
The blue shirt is for me.  I wanted teal to match my new glasses, AND it has bling.  My sister's derby name it Bling-It-On, hence the bling.

We drove 40 minutes out and ended up getting there before she did, so our seats were set up and Isabel was ready with her sign.

Titi (teetee) means Auntie in Spanish.
 My sisters are all called "Titi" followed by their names by my kids.

Vicky gave a big old screech when she saw the 2 of us (the boys were both working.)

It was really cool except for the part where I had no idea what was going on, and only yelled when I saw our bench clapping.  Ha!

Isabel's in love with Elsa

Dub City Derby Girls won 179 to 100 against an undefeated team. What-What!

This is me...wearing the opposing team's color. Nice!
Oh, she's also training (HARD) for Bikini competition she's doing in August.  Check out her blog, "Bling's Adventures in Bikini Competition Prep" over on the sidebar "Blogs I Read," if you want to make yourself sick with envy.  ;)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

I'll Be In My Bunk


My 26-year-old nephew was in Miami at Florida Supercon and sends me this picture! 


He met Mr. Baldwin, who was confused by the two A's in my name.  My nephew told Adam that my mom (his grandma) was probably drunk when she named me, hence the extra A.  That got a laugh.  

 I can't wait to get it and frame it!  The text read "Happy Very Early Birthday!"  (It's in September.)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

More Fun Stuff

Hello!  This summer is in full swing and I am TIRED.  Sorry for the failure in posts.

We went to an "I Hate Milk" party.

Isabel's "milk" mustache.

We've hit Universal Orlando (Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure) several times.

I was sent another person (this time from Houston) to train.  I'm waiting for her to email me pictures; she took a ton.  She also tuned me in to an AMAZING on-line eyeglass place.  As long as you have your prescription, including your P.D. measurement (pupilary distance), you can order glasses for CHEAP!!!!  WARNING: TOTALLY ADDICTING.

$29 TOTAL, including shipping.  YES, prescription lenses.

$24 TOTAL, prescription glasses, with shipping and tint too. (tint not pictured.)

Zenni Optical.  Go check them out.

David and I went for the first time in our 20 years here to The Enzian Theatre.  WHY did we wait so long to go??  We went to see Joss' "Much Ado About Nothing" in this amazing place where you can sit and have a meal at a table, on a couch, in a chair.  Just an awesome venue.  The movie was SO GOOD.  Shakespeare has to be seen to be understood and it has to be done right.  This was done right and was so much fun. I love Joss Whedon.  The audience really appreciated it, laughed at all the right moments; it was a good date night. 

That's me in the front center in pink.  There are more couches and tables below me,
and more behind where David was taking the picture.

David checking out the menu.

The appetizer was good.  David was not too thrilled with his meal (crab cake sandwiches.)  Mine was pretty good (the bun was a little crunchy on my chicken salad sandwich).  

Jacob's been working his TAIL off this summer, saving money for the fall.  This fall semester, he's $2,000 short from last semester, which was already about $2000short after all the scholarships he got.  That's $$ he either gets from new scholarships (he's lazy in the "searching" front) or from work.  He steadily paid off $2300 to me for the Spring semester and  another $700 for a car bump he had with a co-worker that we settled AWAY from insurance.   Now, he's working to pay the $4,000 he has to come up with for the fall semester.  He won't get it all done this summer, but he's giving me cash every week that I save up and track on a spreadsheet.  Private college ain't cheap, and we (David and I) ain't a bank.  He'll work part-time during the fall semester too, to help with the $800 a-month payment that gets sucked out of my bank account.   

Isabel started Jazz dance class at a local dance studio and is LOVING IT.  She also wants to join Tae Kwan Do.  KYEAAAA! That's happening this coming week, as well as another trip to Charlotte in 2 weeks to train a new manager.  They're sending me, rather than a manager, to train a new manager.  Uh huh. Yeap.  *shaking head*

And that's what's new these past 2 weeks.