Monday, July 7, 2008

I Didn't Forget....

about the weigh-in. I was just out of pocket for two weeks. *Gasp!* you say? Yes, I am back from a 2 week vacation! I will fill you in all about it soon.

Today was my first day back to work in two weeks. *shudder* I worked and worked and worked....and am up to 6/25/08 with paperwork. LOL It's not pretty.

I was SCARED as heck to get on the scale. Two weeks of vacation and no working out. I did stick to my diet almost 2 weeks. I cheated 3 times, so I was so scared to weigh myself.

My metabolism has always been weird. I can't just diet to lose weight. I have to exercise too. And I can't just exercise alone without dieting. When I exercise, all I do is maintain weight, not gain.

So, after two weeks of vacation, over 2000+ miles driven, tons of money spent, and way too many stops at fast food restaurants where all I could eat are salads......I LOST 2.5 pounds. Heh heh. Funny. Not a great amount. If I had worked out, I would have lost more, but at least I did not gain weight.

Total weight loss so far: 13 pounds (in....5 weeks? or 6? I lost track and need to check.)


Big Sis said...

We are both doing very well. My weight in today is at 182 from 200 in May.

Same here, the only way that I am able to lose weight is getting on the treadmill every morning at 7am for half an hour then weights on my arms and legs. It helps the day go by smoother, feel great at work, Happy and Hyper.

I cut out Bread, rice, fried stuff, fast food. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WAAAAAAAAA.

Going the Salad and Soup route for my dinners and a Protein bar for lunch.

My body is getting used to it.

Keep on with the Great Work.

Big Sis said...

Weigh in.......dugh