Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mira Mirror

I bought this book because it was fifty cents. That's right. Five zero. 5 dimes; 2 quarters, and a hard back. I can't even remember if it was at a library sale or a thrift store.

I've been reading fairy tales with a twist lately, so I thought this would be cute.

This is the story of Mira. She gets sold to a witch, who has an apprentice, and the teach Mira how to use magic. The apprentice, a girl her age who calls her "sister", has lots of power and wants more. She turns Mira into a mirror so Mira can use her powers to keep the young witch beautiful. Then, the young witch meets a beautiful young girl, with skin as white as snow.....

I love the title's play on words: Mirror Mirror on the Wall / Mira Mirror on the wall.

Snow White is but a passing blurb in this book. Don't expect her and the dwarves to show up. Mira is left hanging on a wall for over a hundred year in a cottage in the woods, when her "sister" disappears, until a runaway peasant stumbles upon her.

The story deals with Mira trying to use the girl to get her close enough to power to change herself back. Mira and the peasant girl meet a merchant and his daughter, who take them in.

The story deals with these two girls and how, even though they are in different levels in society, have the same problems. They bond. Mira sees herself in the peasant and sees what true sisters behave like. She stops using them and starts loving them.

The end, which I won't tell you, was sad. I was unhappy with it, not because it was badly written, but because it was a sad ending. But it's reality. I wanted Mira restored, young, beautiful, happy. What I got was really what should have happened after over 100 years.

It's a good book for the tweens and early teens.

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