Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Where's Mickey?

On Sunday, it POURED on us after 4 hours at Magic Kingdom, so we decided to head home. On the way out, David mentioned he wanted to see the Animal Kingdom Lodge, so we drove in.

Holy Guacamole!! I want to LIVE THERE!! The place was gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. A co-worker of mine from Boston and his family stayed there years ago. He said that from his room, they could see giraffes, zebras and other animals. And sure enough, there were balconies facing a mini-safari section. The place was HUGE inside. Gorgeous. Did I mention gorgeous? Disney should pay me. LOL

Here's Isabel looking at some animals. It's blurry because this was actually at night and I am using my camera's night vision shot, which stinks. People's balconies face this area.

There were several areas for people to hang out near bonfires, there were 3 restaurants, pools, kids areas, arcades, indoor lounges and a gift shop. We decided to enter the gift shop and ended up buying this:

Whoa! Like we don't ALREADY have enough excitement in our lives!! We've heard rumors about Hidden Mickeys at WDW. Jake & I would sometimes look on random rides to see if we would see anything. THIS is fun, fun, fun. We had to buy it. Out to the lobby we went because there are 21, yes that's right, twenty-one, hidden at the Animal Kingdom Lodge area! A lot were outside or in restaurants, so we could not get them that day, but here's what we scored.

This one below is on a mural at the lobby. :)

Can you spot the hidden Mickey in this chandelier? I can.

This one below was off the beaten path; down a side hall near guest rooms. Cute.

This next one had us stumped. It's right in the lobby, by a bridge, near a mini-stream (I said it was an awesome lodge).

Here's where I think it is; David thinks I'm reaching. I don't know....I've outlined it in red. Click on it to make the picture bigger.

FUN!! Can't wait to see what else we find. (oh, if you go on Photobucket and search "Hidden Mickey," you can see other people's finds.


Terras4TheHunt said...

In the Haunted Mansion, there is one made with plates on the dining table down below where the ghosts are dancing and whatnot. I heard there is a Hidden Donald somewhere...

Kaaren said...

I totally remember seeing that!! The plates. I never thought it was considered a "Hidden Mickey."

The book does mention Hidden Donalds and Goofy's too.

Big Sis said...

Really neat