Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Make Your Own Nail Art Stickers

This isn't my invention and it isn't even a new thing, but I finally attempted to make my own nail art stickers and THEY WORKED!

So here's how it works (you can find a myriad of tutorials on the internet):

Take a plastic sandwich baggie.  Outline the shape of your nail.

Then, using your nail polishes or acrylic paints, start working on your desired design.  I wanted a Sailor Moon silhouette image.

Let this completely dry.  I waited overnight.  Then, taking some tweezers, slowly peel the design off the plastic baggie.  At first I thought "This is impossible. It's not going to work." but I eventually worked my way under one of the corners and presto!  The entire design lifted up.

I have no pictures of this.  Fail. 

Prep the nail you want to apply the sticker to.  I tried one nail with just a clear base coat, but that was a mistake, as the nail sticker didn't completely cover my nail.  On my other nail, I colored the nail the same color as the background of my sticker.  Much better.

Place the sticker where you want, cover it with a clear top coat, use a nail file to remove any excess from the tips, and Voila!

Nail Sticker!!

For this manicure, I did a galaxy nail manicure and then on the accent nail with the sticker, I added some of the same glitter as the rest of the fingers, to make it all look uniform

FUN!  This opens up so many possibilities!  It's so much easier painting on a flat surface than it is on a nail, and if you mess up, just try again without having to completely remove all the base coats on the nail you were working on.