Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Dusting off the old blog to announce that my 13-year old daughter entered an art contest for the website Sock It To Me.  They sell fun and kooky socks (I own like 6 different pairs.)

They have a "Design a Sock" contest and Isabel entered.  This year, out of over 6,000 entries, she made their Top 30!!  (well, 33 - they added 3 more.)

The public gets to vote this week, Monday through Friday October 13.  The top 10 get to move on to the finals, which will be chosen by Sock It To Me Staff.

This is her submission, # 0005, the SandWitch:

 Please CLICK HERE TO VOTE.   Click "I like it."  On some browsers it looks like the check mark above, on other browsers, it just highlights the "I Like It" in a green box.

Once you've selected her entry, scroll down until you get here.

You have to click "I'm not a robot."  Some people then just click "Count My Vote," others get a Captcha window that pops up and asks you "How many cars do you see? Click the squares with the cars" (or street signs, etc.)  It is really annoying.  Sorry.  I also found that iPhone users, when you clock "I'm not a robot" it jumps you down to their orange-background terms and conditions.  Scroll back up.  Click "I am not a robot" again if needed, then click "Count my Vote"


Leave a comment so I can thank you too!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Lens Crafters, You So Crazy!

My optometrist's office is located inside a Lens Crafters in the mall. They are not affiliated with each other, they just kinda help each other out.  Lens Crafters, I assume, hopes that the doctor's patients will just buy their glasses there after their appointments.

Yesterday, as we're waiting for my daughter's eyes to finish dilating, I decide to get some pricing. They are one of the approved eye wear companies on my insurance company's provider list.

After picking a pair and running the numbers, the LC sales person comes at me with $223.00.  This is MY cost AFTER INSURANCE.  I said "Are you kidding me?  That's crazy! $223 and I have insurance? I don't think so."  He then proceeded to "run numbers" by removing the fancy-schmancy lenses (who even told him I wanted that?) and brought me down to $163.  Again I said "No. I can do better somewhere else."  We got up and went back to the doctor's waiting area, waiting for her eyes to be checked after dilation.  The LC sales person comes back to me and says "My manager approved another discount. We can get it down to like $145."  I replied "Ok, thanks." and continued reading what I was reading.

Today, we headed to Sam's Club Optical.  We have gotten several glasses there when our insurance has reset (we only get frames every two years; lenses every year.)  When I don't have insurance coverage available for frames, I use Zenni Optical online.  When I do have insurance, I use it locally.)  I KNOW Sam's can do better, and get this;  Sam's is NOT an Approved Insurance Provider under my policy.

We walk in, Isabel tries one pair on, I show her an adorable second pair, she loves them, we sit down with the Sam's Club Optician, hand him our prescription, etc. etc.  Now, I have to pay this out of pocket and then submit and Out-of-Network claim, so I'll only get a portion of my allowance back, via a check in the mail.

Sam's Club total?  $118.00.

Lens Crafters wanted $223, then $163, then $145.  AFTER insurance.

Sam's wanted $118, and then I get to submit a claim and get back like $75 because they are out-of-network.  I will pay $43 out of pocket.

People, run your options.  Even out-of-network can be way better than an overpriced mall store.  Yes, Lens Crafters gets them to you that day.  We can wait 5-7 days for them to arrive back at Sam's.  It's totally worth the $180.00 difference!