Monday, May 31, 2010


Frankenstein Pictures, Images and Photos
I finished reading Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" and let me tell you, IT WAS PAINFUL.

If you've never read it, then I can say you don't know "Frankenstein." I didn't. Thought I did, but was mistaken.

You probably know that the monster himself had no name. Frankenstein is the name of the man who created the monster; Victor Frankenstein. This I knew.

Did you know that the book does not describe him as green? He doesn't have bolts in his neck. He not mute. He eventually learns to speak beautiful English. The book never describes how the monster is made. There is no Igor, no lightning, no storm. The section in the book that describes the actual creation? About one paragraph and it never gives details. Mrs. Shelley didn't describe it at all.

Everything you learned about the monster, you've learned from the movies and comics.

The book was frustrating. It was written in the Gothic style. I'm not a fan. I find Gothic writing slightly silly. Call me 21st Century Jaded. It was also written as letters from a random man named Robert Walton to his sister. He's on an expedition to the north pole on a ship, and is writing letters to her about his travels, what he wants to accomplish, his thirst for science.

On his way north, he & the crew literally run into a man on a sled almost dead. Eventually they discover it is Victor Frankenstein. When his health recovers a little, Victor relates his life story to Robert Walton, who is telling it to his sister. (Letter to sister, from Robert, telling the story told to him by Mr. Frankenstein.)

Victor's story is loooong and detailed. The kind of details that numb the brain; descriptions of the trees and the mountains and the animals and fish in the stream on his walks. Victor goes to London to study science, and the telling of his creation of the monster lasts all of one paragraph Then we do not hear of the monster for two years. TWO years! Victor was so scared of the monster, he ran from the apartment for a day or two and when he came back, it was gone. Rather than tell the police what he did, he decides that he doesn't want anyone to know what he's created and think him crazy, so he says nothing. Two years, and all we hear about is that Victor is sick and his nerves are shot and I am bored to tears.

Eventually we meet back up with the monster once the monster kills Victor's young brother and frames a household maid/friend in the murder. Victor heads home, knowing who did it.

He eventually meets the monster who begs Victor to listen to his story. The monster is talking..eloquently. None of this "Guuuuuhhhhh" and "Mmmmmmuhhh" from the movies. Full-on flowery speechifying.

So now we have the monster telling Victor the story of what has has happened to him in the past two years. Robert's sister is reading the story being told to Robert by Victor and now we are hearing the story of the monster as told to Victor, as told to Robert, as told to his sister in a letter. Are you seeing the annoyance? It gets BETTER in that it gets worse than that.

The monster tells of the horrible confusion he first lives in, not knowing who he is, what anything is, of people being evil to him because of his looks. He hides in a forest and eventually spies a poor but loving family in the woods. Then the monster hears the heart wrenching story of this family through the window as the grown son tells it to everyone in the house (who has lived the story, so why is he even saying it in the house?)

Robert's sister is reading the tale from her brother being told to him by Victor, telling him about the monster, who is relating to Victor the telling of a story from random family in a cottage about the lives of random cottage people. How many steps removed are we now? Four? Five?

ARGH! Enough already!!

I didn't care who lived or died at this point.

I was happy it was over. I was interested in knowing that all I knew about Frankenstein was made-up Hollywood poppycock, but man, was I glad I was done reading this one.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Do you Zoo too?

We purchased an annual zoo pass a couple of months back. David's plan is to hit every zoo in Florida. Our pass gets us into our local zoo for free and other zoos around the state and nation for either free or 50% off.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the 3 zoos we've been to so far.

03/14/10 - Central Florida Zoo, Sanford, Florida

I don't know their name, but they are beautiful and deadly.

You have to beware of wild beasts here.

He looks like he's smiling.

Pretty cool turkey.

They each are thinking "Wow, you're weird!"

Om nom nom!

05/09/10 - Jacksonville Zoo, Jacksonville, Florida

One fat toad.

Green Mamba.

Our very own wild animals.


05/22/10 - Palm Beach Zoo, West Palm Beach, Florida

Mardi the albino alligator.

"You think this is pretty?"

"BLAM, get a load of this!"

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Don't Make Eye Contact, Maybe They'll Go Away

A funny thing happened at the checkout line. I got in the wrong line.

You know when you do that, and can't get out because now you're boxed in with someone behind you? Unfortunately, I did not realize that the 3 ladies in front of me were sharing one cart. I was trying not to make eye contact, really. The pajama-clad women were scary.

The women, and I use the word loosely, say they don't want to take the heavy things out from under the cart (3 gallons of milk and some t.p.) They make the cashier walk around to scan everything. Next to the checkout are the reusable cloth totes. You know, like the ones I use. One of these women starts talking about what a pain in the %^& they are. Another one mentions how they get gross. The cashier is just nodding. They are using way more profanity than ever needed, especially in front of the 3-4 year toddler in their cart swigging on his Coke. All the while, I am loading my groceries onto the conveyor belt and trying to ignore as one of the three ladies is asking the cashier to "try running $20 on this one, and then do the rest on this one," handing the cashier different credit/debit cards.

After they finally leave, I hand the cashier my bags and say "Here are my pain-in-the-butt bags." She looks at me to see if I'm offended, but I'm smiling. She smiles back and says "I wasn't about to say anything negative to those 3," and I said I completely understood.

She went on to say that she uses them, and I mentioned how I throw them in the wash every so often to get them clean. We said our goodbyes and I left with my $100+ grocery shopping loot nicely packed into 5 totes.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Elijah Rock

My son and his chorus had their last performance of the year. After singing a few songs and receiving the "Most Improved Sophomore" award (GO JAKE!!) they closed the show with "Elijah Rock."

Now, I've been hearing this song over and over for 3 months. Jacob showed it to me on YouTube as performed by other groups, and I've been hearing him sing it and YouTube it on his own. It got to the point where Isabel could sing parts of the sang randomly throughout the day.

Unfortunately, as I say over and over, people do not know how to behave in concerts. The place was packed and the three teens in front of me spent the entire night YELLING out names of the people on the stage. It was not just them. All over, people were talking, hooting, acting up; Even parents. One "proud parent" kept yelling "That's my baby" or "Sing it baby" every time her son would sing on one song where he was one of two male leads. The whole night was like that.

So when I say I wish you could have heard this song uninterrupted, I really mean it. They blew us all away! Towards the very end, the audience is so noisy, on my recording of it, I could not tell what the chorus was supposed to be doing, because I could not filter the hoots out from the choir. Then there was Isabel, humming and singing along. *sigh*

Anyway, they were fantastic.

Here is the Pine Ridge Chorale performing the Moses Hogan arrangement of "Elijah Rock," led by their instructor, Mr. LeFils.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Numfar, do the dance of shame!

I'm in a LTC (Letterbox Trading Card) ring called "Whedenverse Clue;" 8 suspects, 8 locations, 8 weapons. It'll be a whodunnit a-la-Whedon.

We got to pick ONE of the three items; twenty four participants. We each make 24 ea. 2.5 x 3.5" trading cards using a handcarved image having to do with the suspect, location or weapon we chose. We send all 24 to the ring leader, she sorts them and then mails them back out, so we each get one of each of the 24 cards made by everyone. There are some seriously great carvers in this ring! I am so excited to see what they've come up with.

If you are in this ring with me, this is your SPOILER ALERT!!

Here are the ones posted so far:

Locale: The Bronze
Locale: Coin Wash Laundromat
Locale: The Seal of Danthalzar
Location: Serenity Valley
Locale: Sunnydale Cemetery
Suspect: Dr. Horrible/Evil League
Suspect: Drusilla
Suspect: Echo
Suspect: Giles
Suspect Illyria
Ssuspect: Inara
Suspect: Jayne
Suspect: Numfar of the Deathwok Clan
Weapon: Echo's Stiletto
Weapon: Freeze Ray
Weapon: Inara's "Incense"
Weapon: Stake
Weapon: Steak Knife
Weapon: Vera

We're still missing a few to be posted. I chose Numfar of the Deathwok Clan. Why? Because the character was ridiculously funny and, oh yea, played by Joss himself.

They take a bit of time. I have to hand-color each time I stamp Numfar on green paper, then cut him out and mount him on the card. I've done 14 of 24 so far.

Here's my card next to the stamp I carved. There's a little smutz on it, not sure what it is.

Numfar's "dancing" off the card via some sticky dots.

(Image found using Google Images from Customer Service Comics. Thanks!)

I can't WAIT for the game to begin!!

Update 07/10: The game has been played! Click here to see: The Suspects, The Locations and The Weapons.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thank You

Two little words that mean so much.

Say them.

I spend some time doing nice things for people. Making cakes, cookies, cards, attending parties, etc.

*crickets chirp*

Apparently picking up a phone is too taxing. Typing an e-mail is just. so. hard. I am just as busy as the next person and yet I DO things, you know, and I have a full-time job and two kids at home.

Don't worry, I learn from my mistakes.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Metal Mouth No More!

Circa 2007

Circa 05/2009

Circa 6 hours ago.

Congrats Jake on losing your metal mouth!!

Now please get a haircut. Please. For me. Pleeease?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Zombie Mints!

My sister Brenda got these for my son Jake.

It smells like butt. Or Spam. Or brains. Nasty.

Jake has still to try it, but I..I AM BRAVE!!

And NO, I cannot explain how I know what Butt tastes like either!! Some things just taste like they smell......


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Salt and Pepper

Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful, wonderful moms. Brand new moms (Heather, Amy), new moms-to-be (Chrissy) and us old hats.

On the way home from my Mother's Day dinner tonight with the family, I don't know how we got on the subject, but David asked "Now what was it that your mom used to take from restaurants?"

She'd totally kill me...if she had internet.

Mom would take salt and pepper shakers from restaurants, no matter what style of restaurant. Mostly though, it was fast food places; Burger King, McDonald's or KFC. Mom would open the purse and plop those shakers in them. We were poor, what can I say. It used to embarrass me to no end.

Jake is cracking up in the back seat of the car.

"Oh, and napkins," I said. She would open the napkin dispensers and take a huge chunk of napkins. *poof* in her purse. It's a miracle she never got caught. Again, poor.

"So at the dinner table you were wiping with Burger King napkins?" asks Jake. I nod, he cracks up.

I love you mom and your old crazy ways.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Book

My daughter never ceases to amaze me with her artistic talents. For Mother's Day (a couple of days early, that is) I received several pictures, including this book she created. She cracks me up!! (read her comments at the bottom of each page. My comments are popping up at the top.)

The Runaround

Man. WHEN did everyone get banker's hours?

As I am on a staycation, I decided, after dropping the kids off at their schools, to run errands; post office, library, Target and bank.

First stop in my circuit, the post office. I arrive promptly at 8 a.m. to find that they open at 8:30 and have no automated kiosk. Grrr.

Fine, I'll head on over to Target; there's another post office near there. By the time I am done at Target it will be 8:30. Target is, thankfully, open at 8 a.m. I get my quick shopping done (I'm on a mission, no dilly-dallying for me) and head off the the post office near Target. It is 8:34. THIS post office.....opens at 9:00. WHAT. THE. HECK.?!?! Seriously?!? No kiosk either. WHY do they have different times?? And they wonder that they are losing money??

Quick drive-through ATM transaction and I am back on the road to the library. I take a call from David. He wants me to pick up two books for him. Sure, I say. At 8:49 a.m. I arrive at the library. The parking lot looks sparse and I think "They must open at 9. I can wait." I drive to the front. They open at 9:30. Someone hold me back! I put my books in the night drop box and call David to say I am NOT waiting 40 minutes for the library to open. I'll have to get his books later.

On the way back home, I stop at the first post office I went to, to send my Mother's Day gifts to my mom and David's mom.

No wonder we're a slacky nation. Everyone has banker's hours.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Whedonverse Pets?

Perusing the clearance bin at Hallmark, my sister found these for 50 cents each. They are Christmas pet name tags.

I know "Spike's" a dog name, but "Buffy?" Really? Ah, who cares. Now...what should I do with these? :)