Thursday, July 3, 2008



I rented 'Atonement' the other evening and watched it alone. David was at work and Jake was not interested. I have a rather more-than-small crush on James McAvoy, so I wanted to see this.

The cinematography/photography was beautiful. From the rich house in the country to the shift to war-torn Dankirk, the landscape was breathtaking. The five-minute steady-cam shot in Dankirk is an amazing camera feat; kudos to them.

The story had me rooting for Robbie to "get the girl" and then shocked me immediately after. I found myself wanting to take Briony over my knee and beat the living daylights out of her. The pain she caused.....

Then, the last 10 minutes of the movie was as if an elephant had stepped on my chest. I lost my breath. I could not breathe, I was so stunned. It was only when the credits started rolling that my tears did the same.

It's a beautiful film. It deserved its Golden Globe win and I liked it so much more than "No Country for Old Men," which won the Oscar in the same year "Atonement" was nominated.

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