Monday, July 7, 2008

Cedar Point, Sandusky Ohio

We drove to Lookout Mountain on Saturday two weeks ago and arrived late in the evening - a 10+ hour drive. Ugh. Sunday was spent at church and hanging about the mountain.

Monday, my family, David's parents and one of his brothers drove up in two vehicles to Sandusky, Ohio; home of Cedar Point, an amazing Roller Coaster/Theme Park. We arrived late there again, after another 10 plus hour drive.

Tuesday we were up early and ready for fun! Here are the pictures from both Tuesday and Wednesday's adventures.

If you're a roller coaster nut, this is the place for you!

On Tuesday, Isabel was not interested in one single thing. She was a cranky wreck. David and Tricia (David's mom) convinced Isabel to finally go on a very slow old-time car ride. She cried in line, but grandma distracted her, and by the time we got on the ride, she was happy.

Wednesday, and all of a sudden....Isabel wants to ride everything in the two kid areas....over and over and over. She and I did Planet Snoopy and the Junior Gemini Kids areas, while the rest of the group rode the crazy roller coasters in this park. (hence the bazillion pictures of just her; everyone else was elsewhere).

We spent Wednesday night at the hotel again and prepared for Thursday and phase 2 of our vacation.

By the way, HUGEMUNGOUS THANKS to David's mom and dad for paying for the hotel AND Cedar Point tickets for us!!

thank you

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Kellis said...

I'm a roller coaster nut. I must go. Too bad nobody I know likes them. :(

The pics are great!!