Sunday, March 27, 2011

Little Big Party

Yes!  We are done with Isabel's birthday party.  Her birthday is on 03/01, but due to travel and Spring Break, we had to push her party up & up until we decided on the 26th.  That gave me plenty of time to prepare, or so you would think.  :)

She decided on Little Big Planet as her theme, which was a little tough because the makers of LBP are NOT marketing enough. There are no birthday party supplies.  I decided, then, to use ALL the junk from birthday parties past.  :)  Why not?  We had tons of table cloths, cups, plates, etc. that were never used.  The goody bags were Wall-E, Disney Princesses, Hello Kitty, etc.  There were toys from various parties in the bags, too.  I saved a lot of money and cleared out a lot of items taking space in the pantry.

We created our own "Pin the Arms on the Sackboy Game."

I created a Little Big Planet Cake. See my cake blog for more pictures.

We invited (very late; long story) her classmates and then we headed off to a local park for the party.

Three classmates came, as well as two cousins her age. 

Hot potato, only it was hot sackboy.

Isabel is out!  

Pin the arm on the sackboy.  The kids liked it and asked to play it twice.

This is the family, back at the house.  Everyone was pooped.

Hello Kitty Lava Lamp!!  Thanks Titi & Tio Lissy and John!
I love that our family will drive 10 hours (David's mom, brother, brother's wife, brother's baby) and my dad, step-mom, two sisters, their kids and one bro-in-law will always drive the 2.5 hours to be at her parties.  They make my heart super-happy.

It was a fun day.  Isabel thanked me for her "awesome cake" and said she "the party was really fun, right?"