Monday, June 30, 2008

The End!

NaBloPoMo for DONE!!!!!!!! Thank the Lord. Thirty Posts in Thirty Days!

June NaBloPoMo

I'm pretty sure I'm not trying this again this year. Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!


Big Sis said...

You did good!.......;)

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

So...what do you think?

Did you learn anything about yourself, the writer? Did you enjoy the exercise?

Kaaren said...

Hey Lisa,

I enjoyed it. I found that I actually had more to say on some days than others, and ended up keeping track of my ideas on a piece of paper so I would not forget them and miss a day.

I felt that some posts were "phlebotin" (Joss Whedon/Jane Espenson/Mutant Enemy's word for "filler" or "made-up nonsense" in their scripts). I didn't want filler and I think I kept the "phlebotin" down to three or four posts.

Kellis said...

Congratulations! I, personally, think you did fanstastic. I'm sure it wasn't easy to think of things to write each day, but you did magnificiently! Woohoo, baby!!

Niki said...

Great job!