Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Remember Boom Boxes?

Hi Again,

Between birthday (12/21) and Christmas, Jacob had enough funds to buy himself an MP3 player. Take one was a Microsoft Zune, which was much cheaper than an iPod and very sleek-looking.....but would not work with our Windows Vista!!


A Microsoft product would not mesh with....a Microsoft product. The LATEST Microsoft software and it would not mesh with the Zune. We were incredibly frustrated, and were not the only ones. The electronics girl that handled our return said we were not the first people who had Vista on their home computers to return the Zune.

The second purchase was an Archos 404, 30 GB, for less than a iPod 4 GB.

It's pretty darned awesome.

I just remember being all excited getting my boom box. *sigh*


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