Friday, January 11, 2008

The Lady in Pink

There's this thing I do. I'm weird. I look at people as I'm shopping at the grocery store or at the mall. I look for nice things to say to them. A nice trait - nice hair, nice shoes, great purse, nice glasses, something. I always feel that there is something nice that can be said about almost everyone, regardless of beauty, weight, sex. Usually I don't say anything. I just always want to be ready. I said I was weird.

A few months back, I am at a local grocery store during my lunch break, picking up a few things to store in the fridge at work. I see this lady. She's a grandma, maybe even a great. Grandma is decked out. Grandma looked fierce! Short white hair in a terrific style, light pink silk blouse, darker pink A-line linen skirt, matching jewelry, amazing shoes. She looks fantastic. We pass each other up & down the aisles. I'm thinking of saying something, but I just don't.

In the parking lot, I see her and finally get the nerve to say "You look fantastic!" The lady stops, her hand flutters to her chest and she says "Oh THANK you. I really needed that today," and she smiled broadly.

It felt amazing.

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