Monday, January 28, 2008

The "It" Girl

Dagnabit, I've been tagged. LOL Niki over in her 'verse tagged me today. I am supposed to post seven random things about myself (that I have not divulged in posts? That's a toughy.) Then I tag 7 more blogs. Herein lies my dilema. I don't know many people who blog. I know Niki (she's already it), Amy was tagged several months ago, and the other few blogs I read are from people I don't personally know, from letterboxing. Argh. Anna, where the heck is your BLOG, lady?

1) I can touch my tongue to my nose.

2) I had a true story published in the University of Florida Alumni Association's 150th Anniversary Magazine and a quick story in the Orlando Sentinel.

3) I have two children's books I wrote once upon a time, sitting in my closet. I'm afraid of rejection. :) The books are in the closet. I wasn't sitting in the closet when I wrote them.

4) I LOVE JOSS WHEDON, BUFFY, ANGEL, FIREFLY.....what? You Knew this? OK, then.....

4) I can't remember much of anything before the 6th grade.

5) People tend to confide in me, a lot. If someone tells me "Don't say anything..." I don't. Which freaks other people out when they find out I knew something for a while and never said anything.

6) I don't like tomatoes. To me, they taste like what blood tastes like when you stick a cut finger in your mouth or something.

7) My bedroom, growing up, was gross.. Dusty, dirty, clothes everywhere. People who know me now will find that hard to believe.

Who to tag, who to tag....



Anonymous said...

I'm gonna kill you! gotta go find some bloggers! ;0

Big Sis said...

Ok so what do I do now ?

Anonymous said...

All i have to say is....ARRRRGGG!! =)

Kaaren said...

You post 7 random things on your on blog and choose other bloggers to dot he same.

Niki said...

YIPPEE! I love the tag. Thanks for playing. BTW, tomatoes are gross.

Big Sis said...

Oh ok Thanks, I just posted it on a bulletin. I don't tag.......Party Pooper I

Big Sis said...

OH BY THE WAY !!!!!!!

I LOVE YOUR BLOG !!!!!!!!!!!

Kaaren said...

Thanks Sis!