Friday, January 25, 2008

Crisp and Clean.... caffeine, feeling 7-up! What, you don't remember that jingle?

We are coffee drinkers, David and I. Morning, noon & night coffee drinkers. It also helps that my boss is a huge coffee drinker.


At the office, we have coffee at 8 a.m. and I nurse one cup. Then we brew another pot around 10 a.m. I never finish a cup (ask David) because I get distracted with things, especially at work. Around 2-3 p.m. we brew another pot. I could come home at night, drink a cup at 10 p.m. and go to bed without trouble.

For the past 4 years or so, I have not had one single solitary night of sleep where I slept through it all. Not one. First it was due to a certain Squeaklefritz hijacking my body for 9 months and then taking my sleep for over a year. She's forgiven. But since then, I still don't sleep. My mind is going 100 m.p.h. too: New house...did I hear a noise, what was that, I really need to fax that contract to the customer tomorrow, did I order that part for that sale? nauseum.

Two weeks ago, it sort-of clicked in my head: Maybe you can't tolerate the caffeine like you used to. I decided to try not having caffeine after noon every day. I had my 2 cups in the a.m. and then switched to water, caffeine-free teas or sodas in the afternoon and evenings. Nothing happened for a couple of days. I think my body was just in shock. and then...


Out like a light. All night, except for right before my alarm goes off (cause my alarm scares me so my body naturally wakes up 5 minutes before; isn't that weird?).

I am apparently getting old. My metabolism is changing, so be it. But now, after 4 years of not-good-enough-sleep, I am happy I figured it out.


Niki said...

Dontcha just love sleep? I don't drink caffeine after 4pm, generally. It wouldn't keep me awake all night, but i would go to bed even later than i do now.
Congrats on sleeping.

Big Sis said...

I am glad you are sleeping better. I sometimes can't sleep but that is part of my crazy bipolar ride. I go weeks where I can't sleep at night. So I just give up and fall asleep around 5am. Yeah, I don't work, and I don't have little kids. Do chihuahuas count ? BUT YES A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP works wonders !