Sunday, January 13, 2008


Some of you may not know this - I carve stamps. Like, rubber stamps. For a hobby we enjoy, called letterboxing.

I have not mentioned letterboxing for several months because we do NOT letterbox in the HOT Florida months, and the last time, before January 1, that we went letterboxing, was May 26, 2007. It's just TOO HOT.

Anyway, I carve stamps. I also do what's called "Postal Letterboxing." A topic is selected, a group of people join the ring, carve a stamp and make a log book based on the topic selected and the stamp goes to every person in the group, in a circle, or ring, until yours makes it back home to you.

I just joined a "Firefly" ring set to start in March. There are 12 of us in it.

If you're in the ring, turn away! SPOILERS SPOILERS!!!





I couldn't decide what to carve, so I decided to carve the ladies of Firefly.

Here are the actual carved stamps - click on the picture to make is bigger:

And here are their imprints:

The blue one is River Tam. The Brown one (browncoat - get it?) is Zoe. The red one is Inara and the orange one is Kaylee. I chose the colors purposefully, based on their personalities.
Which one do you like best?


PDX Wolf Pack said...

River Tam and Zoe, most definitely.
You've done a great job of capturing Zoe's strength and attitude in that carving!

Kaaren said...

Yup, mine too. Inara was..meh! and I could not find a good enough picture of Kaylee for my liking.

Big Sis said...


Kellis said...

Those look great Kaaren! I concur... River and Zoe are my fav's. Those look amazing - VERY true to life.

Niki said...

WOW! You are so talentd. I really like the Zoe, a lot.