Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Grillin & Chillin (and what is this thing?)

We got the grill... and we cooked out 2 weekends ago ! Whoot. Ok, so the burgers were a little dry, but it was our first attempt and we had to figure out how the heck to work this thing.
David grilled some salmon on it this weekend and we had this strawberry/mint/vinegar dressing on top. Really good!

Can someone please tell us what this is for? It's not listed in the manual, so we don't know what we're supposed to do with this. It's just hanging from a chain off the side of the grill.


Kellis said...

So, did anyone figure out what that extra piece was for? I keep coming back to this blog and checking the comments for answers!! What's the story with the random bit of metal hanging off the barbecue grill???

Kaaren said...

No! I want someone to help! What IS it?

Dina said...

You know, I was facing the same question after we finished assembling a grill last year, and I eventually came to the conclusion that it is for holding a paper match when you stick it inside to light the gas. At least, that's the most logical thing I could come up with! Hope this helps!