Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Feliz Año Nuevo

New Year

Hope you all had a Happy New Year's Day!

We went out Letterboxing. It's been quite a while. David does not like to letterbox in the summer, so we have been awol from it for months. It was a gorgeous day and we found one of two boxes we were looking for, AND we were first finders, which is great.

During the "NOT HOT AS HADES" months in Florida, we like to letterbox at least one weekend a month, if not more. My goal is to go at least one weekend a month, both Saturday and Sunday, and find them. We'll see how we do.


Amy/thefoilhat said...

Love the new blog - yay, I can comment!

Kaaren said...

Yay! Hi Amy.

Kellis said...

I was wondering about the letterboxing! You hadn't mentioned it in so long. It's good to hear you guys still do that. I thought it was a really cool hobby.

Kaaren said...

Yea Kellis,

Letterboxing during the summer is MADNESS. We did plant one during the summer, but never went to find them.