Saturday, January 19, 2008

Otronicon 2008

Because I am a wonderful, caring soul (*cough*cough*), today the four of us went to:

Ok, it's not as big as it sounds, but still. I actually went because I dragged/ not drugged, cause that'll get me arrested. I dragged the boys to my letterboxing picnic so I figured I can drag/drug (in this case, drugs would have be nice actually) myself to a small gaming convention for them.

Memo to me: Don't wear cute shoes that pinch your jacked-up pinky toes.

I chased Isabel around (like David did for me at the letterboxing event) while the boys ran off and did whatever it is they do, so most of my pictures are Isabel, the back of Isabel, a blur of Isabel, one picture of Jake playing Super PacMan, etc.