Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Today, Saturday, my dad and step-mom came over. They called a few weeks ago for us to set a weekend day aside for them, which we week. My step-mom called earlierin the week to ask if they could bump it up (yes) and could they cook for us (uh, yes).

We had Puerto Rican Rice (arroz con gandules), Cuban Steak (Bistek a la palomilla), Hawaiian fried plantains (tostones) and for dessert, French Creme Bruelle and Nicaraguen Tres Leches. Talk about the United Nations of dinner. It was VERY good.

You can make the pictures larger by clicking them.

So, after dinner, my step-mom wants to cut my hair. LOL She's owned her own salon, I am ok with it, so I said sure, what the heck. Let's see how long my hair will grow from January until December of 2008.

Here's a slideshow of my hair. I'm taking most of these pictures myself. Notice anything odd going on in the background? I love it.


Niki said...

I think it is cute, cute, cute!

Jules said...

All right K...the weird flickering thing on your slideshow reminded me of "The Ring", which scared the living sh*t out of me...accckkk!!! That being said, nice hairdo!

Btw, I make a mean arroz con gandules--got the receipe from a former coworker who's half Puerto Rican. Speaking of which, I havem't made it in a while....

Big Sis said...

See you are
You are wonderful Sis