Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Remember I carved those stamps? No? Click here. Well, I was not satisfied with my Inara and Kaylee carves. Not because they were bad, but because the pictures I was using to carve were not the best. Especially the Kaylee one. I could not find a good Kaylee/Jewell picture to save my life. She was the last one I carved.

After much googling, and hunting, I think I found an Inara (Morena) picture I like, as well as a Kaylee one.

What do you think of my do-overs?


Big Sis said...

I can't click the top stamped pic to see bigger. The bottom one I can.

Kaaren said...

I don't know why Blogger loads some pics that let you click and some that don't.

PDX Wolf Pack said...

Love the new Kaylee. It looks just like her!

Niki said...

very nice.