Thursday, January 10, 2008

Not So Much with the Comic book..

I've got a subscription at Things From Another World for Buffy Season 8 from Dark Horse. Enjoying it very much.

Then I see Angel Season 6 will be out too, but not by Dark Horse, by IDW. I wonder why DH didn't pick it up. I sign up for those...and think I have an idea why DH passed.

I am so not excited with books 1 & 2 so far.

After The Fall Part 1After The Fall Part 2

I am all about the Whedonverse being concurrent. I want it to jive with Buffy Season 8, yet there's no mention of Hell-A in Buffy. Kind-of hard to overlook what's going on in LA. The artwork is nice, but....they don't look like themselves at all in book 1. Angel, Spike...maybe. Wesley, Conner & Gunn? Not so much.

I know they'll explain it soon, but WTH is going on? We're thrown in the middle of the story. They did the same with Buffy-8, but that one I like.

Ugh, should I keep getting them just cause....? I don't know. Anyone reading these out there?

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