Sunday, November 2, 2008

Muffets and Caribou Barbie and Dr. Horrible, Oh My!

Killer Mutant Pumpkin! Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

Halloween every year is always a little tough. Month-end at work is usually a hectic time anyway, so trying to get all my work done so I could be home in time to get the kids ready for Halloween is always rough. Add to that the fact that David could not take off work, and I had extra fun trying to get home in time.

I was lazy this year for Isabel. Not that I made any of her costumes yet anyway. They've all been successful E-bay purchases. But lazy me took too long, so I took my sister-in-law's (David's sister) offer to send me some costumes. She has three girls and a boy and makes them their costumes every year. She sent me a list of what she had and I chose Little Miss Muffet and a Pirate Girl. (side note: The Pirate Girl costume was so good, that when her eldest daughter wore it to a homemade Halloween contest, she did not win because the judges thought it was a store bought one. Boo on them.)

For some odd reason, Isabel was afraid of the pirate costume. It came with a parrot for the shoulder and everything, but I had a hard time convincing her to put even these pieces on. Isn't it great? All home-made by David's sister, Jennifer. (Isabel's looking at the parrot, who is slipping off her right shoulder).

She loved Little Miss Muffet, although she kept saying Little Bo Peep. I explained each nursery rhyme so she could understand which is which.

Jacob said he wanted to wear my Dr. Horrible costume. Being the fantabulous mom that I am, I said sure. I could come up with something, hence.......Sarah Palin. Not too good though because I don't have bangs, but as a last minute costume, I was ok with it.

Coming down to wire, Jake chickened out on the costume, so I was back as Dr. Horrible. (watch "Dr. Horrible" Here) We three went to visit David at work, ordered a pizza and ate it on the tailgate of the Jeep before heading out. It rained a bit, but all in all, it was a fun night.


Big Sis said...

Love the Palin

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

I like you better as Dr. Horrible. Way less scary!