Friday, August 22, 2008

In a "Horrible" Mood

So, let's IGNORE this Horrible stupid storm that stayed too long and caused water damage to our home.

I was thinking about Halloween Costumes. I LOVE Halloween costumes. On my old blog HERE you can see some of the costumes I have made. I've not done any for myself in a while, but I've been thinking...

Hmmmm, WHAT could I do for Halloween this year?


Notice buttons on the side shoulder. I moved them from the front of the lab coat and sewed velcro on the front instead.

Dr. Horrible

I painted the goggles after I took the above pictures.

Dr Horrible Goggles

All I need is the logo on the lab coat pocket [not sure how I am going to do that. Free-hand ON the jacket? Get it drawn on white cloth and then sew it on. Brenda, help! :)] and the white shoes, which are basically white rain boots. I'll order those next.

Whatcha think?


Big Sis said...

What do you need? I would love to make it for you.
Call me today

Niki said...

That is AWESOME!!!