Saturday, November 8, 2008

Breaking Dawn

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I finished book # 4 of the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn. I enjoyed book 4 better than books 2 & 3 for sure. Just a few things, though.

Renesmee? Seriously? I'm talking about the name itself. And maybe even her entire existence. I was kind of bummed with the whole thing with her & Jake, like it was too convenient. Why not someone else, anyone else? Even Leah. I'm trying not to be spoilery with the unread masses.

I liked what Bella became, it was a necessary to save her, but not the fact that she was not a typical one. She passes go and collects $200 in 2 days?? Everyone else in the entire history has 2 years of pain and horrible hunger and...she's ok? Another convenient plot point.

I loved her special gift though. When she stopped Jane from hurting people, I was all "HA! That'll teach you, Jane!" I enjoyed the scenes with all the different "people" coming to be their witnesses, with the La Push pack backing them up and the scenes with the Volturi. That was fun and exciting.

I am also starting to read the version of Twilight that Stephenie Meyer started writing from Edwards pov, Midnight Sun, that she stopped writing because someone leaked it on the internet. She's upset and stopped writing, but the beginning is available of her site, here.

Now I'll just wait for the movie. :)

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