Saturday, November 22, 2008

Week in Pictures

We've had a busy couple of weeks (birthday party for one of my sister's kids two hours away, visit from Scarab/Thomas, going to Disney to meet with Boston friends) and just have not had time to post all these pictures, so here goes:

Hello, it's me! BTW, I have maintained my 27 pound weight loss for the past 3 months. Pretty much up or down 3 pounds. I would like to lose more, but am not too stressed about it. I remember complaining that I just wished I weighed what I weighed before I had Isabel, and I did it. I would like to lose 10-15 more, but I see myself and am happy, so I've been working out 3-4 times a week, but eating pretty much whatever I want, hence the maintaining.

Here's my dad, holding my niece/Isabel's cousin Lyric, and Isabel. This was at my other sister's two kids' birthday party.
Lyric's mom, my youngest sister Lissette, made this cake for out other sister's kids. Pretty awesome!

Candy Corn! Sugary Goodness.

Well she is half Scandinavian, you know. What a mix! Puerto-Swede? Swedricanish?

Is this not the cutest outfit? She's a DOLL!

Emptying garbage cans made me realize the extremes in my kids' ages. :)
My camera's night shot setting stinks. There is no humanly possible way for me to keep the camera still enough to not blur it. This is Cinderella's castle covered in Christmas lights. It changed colors (blue, purple, pink, yellow, white) and is so pretty. We went to Disney after work, the eye doctor and the orthodontist, to meet with one of my friends from Boston.


Kellis said...

CONGRATS on maintaining 27 pound loss!! That is awesome. And heck, life is about enjoyment - at least you workout to be able to eat what you want. I've lost about 16 lbs total. Very nervous about the holidays though!!

Kaaren said...

I can tell, too. I saw that picture of you on MySpace that someone taged of you; in blue. You look great in that picture.