Thursday, November 13, 2008

You Can't Fool Me, Soda Companies!

In Wal-Mart, in Target, in Publix, in Winn-Dixie, it's all the same (only the names will chaaaange! Sorry, channeling Bon Jovi).

They run sales every month. Three 12-packs of soda for $10. Sometimes it's 4 for $11. We buy diet. (Please, this is not a post on the pros and cons of drinking sodas; don't want to hear it.)

Then, I started noticing something weird.

The sales stickers still say 3 for $10, or sometimes 4 for $11....but they are now 8 packs. Go, check it out.

We've stopped buying them. I'm now maybe buying a 2-Litre (which, I heard from a co-worker, are getting smaller. Have not seen that yet) every two weeks, but no more cases.

That's just insane. How can they think they can get away with that?

They've lost my business.


Big Sis said...

I also noticed this at Winn Dixie.
We also stopped buying them.
I used to buy MTDew for Jon and Diet Pepsi for me. NO MORE. I guess it will be healthier for us

Kellis said...

I LOVE Diet Coke! Er, sorry. But I support your diet soda drinking. =D I noticed Target doign this last time as well. It was with a Pepsi product, so I didn't think too much of it. Tim will be VERY disapointed if they stop selling 12 packs on sale. Jeez, you're telling me COKE is struggling in these times?!?