Friday, October 31, 2008

Body by Tae Bo

I have loved Tae Bo, ever since I bought my first videos in the early 90's. I enjoy the dance, martial arts and high energy levels it takes me to. I love Billy Blanks' enthusiasm. His 1990's videos kicked my butt.

Tae Bo Complete

The red one, instruction, is a one or two time thing. Just learning the steps. I have no idea where it is anymore. The 8-minute workout is just too short for me to even think it works.

When I started working out again this year, I started with the 1/2 hour Basic and 1 hour Advanced, alternating them. The 1/2 hour one made me sweat and the hour one kicked my patoot.

After about a month, the half hour one just wasn't cutting it, so I bought Tae Bo Cardio, a 45 minute dvd to supplement. It was good, but the one hour VHS from the 90's still kicks its butt and mine.

Tae Bo Cardio

I received gifts cards and bought "Tae Bo Ultimate." An hour and a half! An HOUR AND A HALF!
Tae Bo Ultimate

Right around minute 42 or so, Billy gets hysterical with this hip-hoppy, booty popping moves that make me laugh out loud. I LOVE IT. He is such a positive person. How could you not like him? But again, the 1.5 hour video still does not kick my butt like the hour one.

I alternate the 3 Taebo's (having dropped the half hour basic VHS, as it does nothing for me anymore) and one other dvd my sister sent me with some big-headed lady that dances and uses a band to tone arms and legs. It's a fun video though and a little break from Tae Bo.

Four workouts = 4 days a week.

Isabel wants to work out with me, so every so often, I let her do her own thing for about 6-10 minutes before putting her to bed.



Big Sis said...

2 Cute

Niki said...

she's got better form than me

Kellis said...

I love that she WANTS to exercise!!

Kaaren said...

She does, all the time. I have to tel her no, because the one time I let her, I almost side-kicked her little noggin. She likes to run around me in a circle too. Very dangerous, so I give her 5-10 minutes on her own.