Thursday, November 27, 2008


Is it old-hat to do a "Thankful" list? I hope not!


I am thankful for my husband. He's cute. His eyes are so blue. He's intelligent and can keep up with our insane/inane conversations. He's my map. He has fantastic gams. He's a nerd, but not as nerdy as me. He took me to see 'Twilight,' after he read all 4 books in less than a month. He calls me a lot with random things to say. He thinks I am hot and lets me get away with a lot of stuff. He has nice lips. His nickname is Lips to his college buddies. He grabs my butt in public, I smack him, he laughs. He's getting better with the grill.

I am thankful for my son. He's cute too. He is caring. He is nerdier than me. He is a royal pain in my keister (Mr. Gotta Have the Last word). He is musically talented and has really long piano-fingers. He's uber-smart. One day, he'll be smarter than me. But that time is not now, so go put those rubber bands on and for the love of my sanity, pick up your dirty clothes! (I am thankful that I have him to yell those things to.)

I am thankful for my daughter. She's this little bundle of energy. She beautiful. She's sensitive. She's easy (now). She doesn't eat anything. She loves, LOVES to draw. She's into Mario... and Luigi too. She squeals "Mommy's Home!!" when she hears the door from the garage to the kitchen open. She tells me I look like a princess on the rare occasions I wear makeup. She snores like her dad. She looks like me, only blond and blue-eyed.

I am thankful for the rest of our families; the sane and not-so-sane-ones, and the ones who look sane, but really aren't. Thankful especially for my sisters.

I am thankful for my friends. My real live ones, my long-distance ones, my "imaginary" (on-line) ones. You get me (or not, no matter. You're there).

I am thankful to God. For everything listed above and everything I haven't, which He knows, because He can see my heart.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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This was Sweet