Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just Give Me My Quesadillas, Already!

We live on the edge of a relatively new suburban city (about 20 years old), right next to a very rural city. There is nothing out here, save horses, a car repair place (love them though), a mom & pop diner (gross!) and the Super Walmart that opened a year or so ago. If we want to go out to eat, or do anything other than Walmart-related shopping, we have to go one county over (30-40 minutes) or to another city in our county (25 minutes. NOT the rural city we're right next to).

About a month ago, on my daily commute to and from work, I notice a new building going up. Oh, the possibilities! A sorely-needed restaurant? A new branch of our bank? A book store (dream on, Kaaren). The building went up quickly.

And then the sign went up.

Dollar General Pictures, Images and Photos

Oh, COME ON! Less than a mile from WalMart?? Really?!?!

Someone build me a Chili's!! I want my quesadillas, my southwest egg rolls, my mudslide, David's Presidential Margarita!! I love Chili's, in case you're wondering. My favorite casual dining restaurant. Someone BUILD one in our city, for pete's sake. A Dollar General? MAN.

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Kellis said...

Maybe you can write to Chili's headquarters and tell them you have a location PRIME for their business. Virtually no competition... come on - it could work!! ;-)