Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's called "Saving the Environment," Lady!

Having tons and tons and tons of plastic Walmart, Target and grocery store bags can get overwhelming. There are only so many I need to keep in my home for small garbage can liners. Usually, I would gather the extras up and take them to a store that has the plastic bag recycling bins out front and place them there. But, really, what happens to them after that? I don't know, but it bothered me enough that I made a very small investment for what I think is a very large return: Canvas grocery store bags for $1 each.

Publix reusable bag Pictures, Images and Photos

Their looks are deceiving. When opened, they are huge. They can hold more than a regular plastic bag. I only own 4 (three Publix and one Walmart; all 4 black) and haven't had to get any more for my trips, because they're so roomy.

For over a month, I've been using them. Keeping them in my car is very easy, and I've gotten into the habit of remembering they are there. I also don't care that I am using a Walmart one inside Target, or a Publix one inside Winn Dixie. They can get over it and be happy I am spending my $$ in their establishment at that moment. For me, it's all about the sales, baby.

Most stores are getting used to people using them. They're displayed everywhere. David, though, hasn't really seem them "in action."

The four of us went to Walmart last weekend to get some miscellaneous items. I took 2 bags in with me. As we head to the cash register, David sees me handing them to the lady. He observes her fiddling with one and says "Wow, those look like a real pain." (Gee, thanks.)

The Walmart cashier then proceeds to say "Oh, I know. Every time I see someone with them, I just roll my eyes." She said this. To people who have just handed her the bags. I stood there staring and fuming at both of them, and she proceeds to check us out.

They sell them there and she rolls her eyes at people who use them? It's called "Saving the Environment, Lady!" Look into it.


Debbie said...

I take my own bags to Publix every week. The folks there are getting pretty well trained. The bag guys used to have to put eggs or ice cream or chicken into a plastic bag and THEN into my canvas bags, but they're getting away from that.

Last week, the checker even lectured the bag guy when he tried to put something into a plastic bag, She told him, "She wants to use the canvas bags!"

Good girl!

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

I wonder.

Does Ms. WalMart also roll her eyes when she sees trees with plastic bags stuck in the branches, or when she reads about marine life sickening from eating plastic waste?

You keep doing what you're doing and ignore the eye-rollers.

Kellis said...

I can't believe the cashier said that. "Hello... tact?!? Are you out there???" I bought Trader Joe's resuable bags. Although, lately I haven't been using them because I need the big, paper bags with handles for recycling. I really should get some from the grocery store. I have a million too many safeway plastic bags. :(

Niki said...

People are idiots - really.
I love my reusable bags. At one of my grocery stores you get a 5 cent rebate for each bag you bring yourself; sure, it's only 15 cents a trip, but i love that they not only have the bags for sale, but they encourage you to use them. And it is a LOT better than your obnoxious experience!