Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bragging Rights

My son's in his first year of high school and I'm in my first year of denying my age. What a co-inkydink!

He brought home a progress report 4 weeks or so ago that was not pretty. A's-D's! Mostly for not turning in work, which kills me because it was par for the course last year. I explained to him that this year, things count. They count for college. Crazy as that sounds, he needs to start in ninth grade making a difference. When I was in school, we did not get serious until Junior year. Not anymore.

He brought home his first quarter report card. All A's and B's! I did the Whoot dance (not pretty) and told him he could get himself a reward.

We were at Disney's Hollywood Studios last weekend with some friends from New Jersey. While he was on a ride with one of them, I was in the shop at the exit to the ride and noticed a belt I was sure he would love. When he got off the ride, I showed it to him and sure enough, he loved it.

Check it out.

The buckle is a seat belt buckle. Cool Beans, eh? I'm proud of you, boy!

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Big Sis said...

I am actually loving Jacobs hair now. You will hate me for that now