Saturday, May 3, 2008

Care to Tango?

Last night, Friday, we went to a letterboxing mini-meet at Cafe Tu Tu Tango. It was down on International Drive, Orlando's own tourist mecca, about an hour away from us. It's a fun place. Lots of art and fun, quirky people.

Upon arriving, the first thing I hear are two waitresses complaining....about our group. That it was already past 5 (5:08 to be exact) and we were not all there yet and this "so was not going to work!" as one with short spiky hair and glasses said. Great. We haven't even begun eating and we already have a disgruntled staff.

The waitress did not look happy to see us. We're a letterboxing group - we're up and around, stamping, talking, exchanging log books. I get that the group was mobile, but it would have been nice if she would have told us to sit down in our places so she can take our order without the scowl on her face and the sarcasm in her voice. Some of her comments: "I know your group is late and not all here..." I count and say, "I think we are, who is missing?" to another group member. The waitress interrupts and says "No, because this is definitely not the 25 people you reserved a table for." I have no idea how many places were reserved, I didn't do the reserving. I was so disappointed. Worse, I was the only one who overheard the original comment by the front door and noticed the glances the wait staff were giving each other. So now, in the telling of the story, I feel like a curmudgeon. I do.

My husband was a waiter for years. I heard and know all the horror stories. Obnoxious people, bad tippers, complainers. I get it. I was super-polite; you know me. I said "thank you" a bazillion times, I said "yes, please" for everything. Waiting tables sucks sometimes. Waiting tables with a bad attitude sucks worse. I GET that we were a large group that was all over the place, but your yelling "I can't take your order unless you all sit down," with your hands on your hips is not helping. Did I mention my disappointment?

We met some new friends from Connecticut. The food was amazing. Tapas.....small appetizers meant to be shared. Jake & I shared with each other mostly, and with another friend. Isabel had a yummy cheese pizza, and she was amazingly behaved. The food made up for the cranky wait staff.....almost. I honestly want to go back and take David (he was working).

Death by Chocolate! That's a shot of Godiva Chocolate liqueur. :)

Jake thoroughly enjoyed the place. He wants to move in.


Kellis said...

Death by chocolate. mmmmmm! Can I come next time???? Sounds like a really fun event... crappy wait staff aside. :)

Big Sis said...

You think they spit in your food.........lmao.

did you see that movie?