Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sweet Tweet

Continuing with the pet theme, my mother-in-law is a bird lover. They live on the top of a beautiful mountain and get to see so many more birds than we ever will. (Side note: my first time ever seeing a chipmunk that didn't sing really fast was in their town).

They have all kinds of bird feeders and get so many cool birds stopping by.

Tonight she sent these pictures she took from her back yard and said I could share.

This one is a chickadee that was born in their bluebird nesting box in their back yard.

And this is the cutest thing ever! It's the same chickadee on the day it fledged. Here's what David's mom said:

I am attaching a picture I took two days ago. It’s so cute I thought it might cheer you up. (Grandma is sick; get well GG!) It is a chickadee the day it fledged. It was born and raised in our bluebird nesting box! I never did send you the whole story. Hopefully some day I’ll get around to it.

But isn’t he adorable? I was probably less than 1 foot from him. He didn’t know to be afraid of me, although his mother was certainly trying to tell him that from a nearby tree.
He's so CUTE!!

Night All!

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