Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ahh, Smell the Geekness!

Today, the kids and I were out and about. David's at a wedding out of state for a high school friend. We could not all afford to go but David needed to be there. The groom was one of our groomsmen. Congrats Eric.

Anywhoo, we decided not to head to a theme park today mainly because my lazy butt did not get out of my yummy sushi pajamas until 11:30 a.m.

We went to the mall, but stopped at Panera first. I'm wearing this:

My Whedonist Shirt

because I'm a geek. We walk up to the counter, and the guy taking my order says "That wouldn't happen to be about Joss Whedon would it?" I say "It's absolutely about Joss." He smiles and says "Cool!" While taking our order, he and I discuss the Season 8 Comics, why we think Joss is no longer doing "Wonder Woman" (no clue) and Joss' new series, Dollhouse.

This is the first time in like 3 years of owning the shirt that someone has an actual idea of what it means. I've been asked about it, but know one gets it. "What's a WeeDONist?" LOL

Next up, the mall. We stroll around and end up at Barnes and Nobles. Jake was off doing his thing, Isabel and I were on the kid's section. There's an employee shelving books near me. She comes up to me and says "I love your shirt." I say "You're like the second person to know what it means, and the first one was just a couple of hours ago." Her roommate is a fan too. I am sorry but I am bad with names the first time around. Miranda/Amanda/Meghan. I suck, sorry. She and I discussed Joss, Buffy, Season 8 comics, Comic-Con, a couple of local conventions, a person she knows wanting to work on a Buffy trivial pursuit, etc. . I ended up giving her my e-mail address so she could e-mail me the next time she had news, or conventions she knew of etc.

Pretty interesting afternoon.


Big Sis said...

Wheenjoyist your blogist!

Kellis said...

How funny. Everything always happens at once!