Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Iron Man

So, on my Memorial Day blog I mentioned that David and I actually went on a date. Something we have not done in a long long long time.

iron man

THIS is what a Summer Blockbuster should be! This was a fun, fun movie. A bit of exposition (mainly to set up for upcoming movies IMHO) but we really enjoyed it (me a little more than David. I mean, LOOK at RDJr for Pete's sake). :)

Robert Downey Jr.

I don't know the "Tony Stark" comic book character. I keep hearing "They could not have picked a better man for the role." He was FUN.

We loved all the testing in his lab/office. The scenes with the robot with the extinguisher were great. Jeff Bridges was just creepy enough. Terrence Howard? Hellloooo Terrence.

Terrence  Howard

For some reason, David and I have had an unintentional Terrence-Howard-a-thon lately. "Iron Man," "August Rush" and "The Brave One" are the three we've seen within the past 2 months starring Terrence.

I know not a thing about Iron Man the comic. I have no idea if they stuck to the storyline or what. As a non-comic fan though, I think they did their job. They entertained the heck out of this noob.

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Big Sis said...

Jon totally loved it! I will wait till he buys
Maybe I can get Freddy to take me?
He does not like going. I think we have actually been once since 2004.
I would usually go to the movies with Jon. Last one I saw was Across the Universe. Did you see that one?