Friday, May 16, 2008

Hello Turkey??

Have you heard of Google Analytics? It's crazy cool!

Google Analytics is a free Google service that keeps detail records of you website hits; whether it be a blog, a storefront, whatever. If you have a web page and people visit it, you can use this service.

I *wish* the app enabled one to put the results online; you can't. Only I can see these results. The things that are included in their analysis of your pages are:

Which pages get the most hits.
How Many hits you get.
How long the people stayed on your page.
Did they move from page to page or stay on one only.
What browser they are using.
How many new vs. returning visitors
and much more.

But my fav.....where the people are logged in from. SO cool.

Hello to the person in Turkey who stopped by. *waves* Hi to United Kingdom people, and Germany, and the Dominican Republic. Hi Brazil and Canada and of course the U.S.

When you click on the map, it will tell you the cities that these people are clicking from.

So, for the U.S.:

Florida: Hello people in West Palm (my sisters probably), Casselberry, Deltona, Ocoee, Lake Worth, Pinellas Park.

Georgia: Someone in Norcross likes me, lots of hits from there. Hello there! (Is that you Tracie?) . Hello Marietta, GA.

New York: Leading by a mile is Long Island City. Hello there people. There's also Brooklyn, Delmar, Canton, Miller Place, Rochester, Liverpool, and my favorite name, Fishkill, NY. OK, who lives in Fishkill? That's awesome.

California: Where the heck is Moraga? Is that you Kellis? Alameda, Grover Beach, Pomona, Piedmont, McLlelan, Vista & Cosa Mesa, I say "Hey" to you all.

Hi Tennessee: Chattanooga (most of my in-laws *wave*) and Smyrna. ?

Massachusetts, thanks for all the visits from a city called Sandwich. LOL Fishkill sandwich? Brockton, Somerville and Peabody too!

Maryland: Huge Baltimore visits (Niki!!! and Barb!?), Sykeville and Towson, thanks for stopping by.

Washington State: Anna, which one of these is you? Seahurst or Seattle? There's also Federal Way, Spokane & Lacey.

I'm going to stop there....because 27 states are listed as visiting my Blog.
Gracias, Merci, Danke, Arigato



Niki said...

you're welcome.
and I like that i got so many exclamation points!!!!!!!!
I know other people that run accounting programs on their blogs. I'm curious, but also hesitant. What if i find out that you, Mel and Erin are the only people visiting me? What if, like you, i find out that people all over the place are visiting? I think i'd become obsessed with checking my hits.
Have you checked your hits recently? Have they gone up? See????? i'm already obsessed with YOUR hits; i don't think it is safe for me.
but you enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if I'm the Sandwich. Technically, it's West Yarmouth, MA, but Sandwich is two towns over. Either way, very interesting!


Big Sis said...

See we aren't the only ones who enjoy your writing. Where is the book?

Kellis said...

I am probably Alameda or Piedmont! I guess I could be Moraga, but that is a bit far. It is NCal... in the middle of nowheresville. So hello to Mr/Ms. Moraga!! I hope you're staying cool!