Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend # 2

Friday night, after work and while dinner was cooking, I decided to start working on the open garage window that's been....gaping since we bought it.


Then, I ran out of the film. It was left over from when we did the "Amityville Window" over a year ago. I finally decided to just do it. I'll have to run to Lowe's and get some more.

Saturday, David decided to paint the "Pepto Bismol" walls. Here's a picture of the color, near the window. This color was in the front entrance.

Front Door and stained glass look

David chose it one else really liked it. When his brothers and sister-in-law came down to help us paint, one brother said "I like all the colors you chose....except this one." When David's father came down, he did not care for it either, with relation to the two rooms on either side of this color. David deciced to paint it the same color as the other color in our entrance. (We went a little color-happy in our new home).


Then, Saturday night....we went on a date! A date night! Holy Moly.

And THIS, ladies and gentlemen....THIS is where it pays off to have kids ten years apart! WH00T!! My darling 14 year old stayed home with the 4 year old, while David and I went to se a movie! I'll post about it later. Great Fun!

Sunday, was spent at Disney's Hollywood Studios and then Epcot. Dear God in Heaven. Don't go on a holiday weekend. Hollywood Studios was PACKED. And there were entire sections blocked off for renovations so it was difficult maneuvering about. Yuck! Epcot was actually not bad, but by then my left knee and right heel were screaming and I was hobbling like an old lady. Also, Isabel has decided to be scared of everything. What? Huh? Rides she used to go on now make her cry. We don't get it. We ended up taking turns riding stuff with Jake while the other watched her. It was nuts. She did get to meet a lot of characters, but I'll have to upload those pictures later.

Today, we are STAYING IN!! My body is killing me. We have a couple of steaks and a pound of shrimp that we're going to grill for lunch/dinner today (David has to work tonight. Bah Humbug!)

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Kellis said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!! Work *AND* play... you can't get better than that. Oooh, a date! Tim and I are hoping for a date sometime this century. ;)