Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Thirteenth Tale

The thirteenth tale...

I never read a synopsis of this book. I just liked the cover. It looked pretty. It looked like it would be full of fairies and princesses and evil witches...and I was SO off there.

The book is called a "Gothic" novel. There's nothing fairy-like in it. The story is full of darkness, dreariness, secrets, lies, depressed people, haunted people. It wasn't was just dark. My mind pictured a dark bookstore, an overcast England, a creepy, dark, dank mansion with warped creepy people in it. It was heavy with it; soaked in it.

It wasn't bad though. I wanted to hear the end. I wanted to see what Ms. Winter's secret was. I sort-of kind-of wanted Margaret to "get over it" already (I'm evil and heartless, I know). I wanted to know how Addeline all of a sudden became functional. I did not get it until Hester thought she saw a "ghost" talking with Emmeline. (I thought it was triplets actually. I was close.) The author wrapped things up nicely.

It wasn't bad at all. Just don't expect a glass slipper or true-love's kiss to show up.

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Gramatrick said...

I actually found this one a very compelling read. Weird, odd, and eerie, but compelling.