Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sci-Fi Hoedown: Dr. Who Season 2

Dr. Who Season 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

Well, as you know, I loved Christopher Eccleston as dorky-hot Dr. Who from Season 1.  How would I feel about this new incarnation?

Season 2 doesn't technically start with "The Christmas Invasion."  It's its own 2-hour special to introduce everyone to David Tennant as the new Doctor.  He's quirky and so much fun.  I love watching his facial expressions.

"New Earth" was a creepy episode with sick, infected humans, the "skin" Lady Cassandra and those cat-nuns.  Yes, cat nuns.

"Tooth and Claw" has us time traveling to meet Queen Victoria 1879 who is being hunted by werewolves.  With all the fighting and craziness, Queen Victoria creates the Torchwood Institute, to fight all other alien and supernatural threats.

"School Reunion" was kind of silly BUT it had Tony Head!!!  Giles!  Yay, Giles!  Oh, and we do get to see one of the Doctor's previous companions, Sarah Jane Smith and K-9, so that was cool.

"The Girl in the Fireplace" was really well done.  I loved the mini-love story, even if there were robots after the girl's brain.  The time travelling was fun but sad at the end, when he misses a chance to see the girl once more.  Don't want to spoil it.  It was good.

"Rise of the Cybermen" and "The Age of Steel" take us into alternate Earths where Rose can see her dead-dad  alive again, even though in this reality, she was never born.   There are Cybermen about to take over the world and the plot must be stopped!  Mickey, Rose's boyfriend, stays behind in this reality, to fight the fight.

"The Idiot's Lantern" shows us how tv really does suck the life out of us.

"Impossible Planet" and "The Satan Pit"  were ok. The Ood were creepy but the beast at the end was kind of silly.

"Love & Monsters" was good fun!  I saw "Linda" (Shirley Henderson) & squealed "It's Moaning Myrtle!! I know her voice anywhere!"

"Fear Her" was a little creepy too. Anything dealing with kids creeps me out and the angry thing that was affecting this child was really scary.

The last two episodes have the Daleks and Cybermen fighting it out over who gets to take over the Earth.  We lose Rose.  I was never a fan of Rose, if you recall.  Her accent grated, her gloopy mascara was horrid and her leading Mickey on while she was really in love with the Doctor was not nice.  Even with all that, she gave a great performance in the end.  I felt sad for them both.

So, season 2.  Did I like it? Sure.  It's fun, campy stuff!  David Tennant?  Hellloooooo, Nurse!


Kristin aka Trekkie Gal said...

Don't you mean 'Hellooooooo, Doctor!"?? :D Either way, I agree. YUM!

Kaaren said...

Good one!

Niki said...

I loved season 2. Rose really grew on me during season 2 and the end was sad.
I also really liked the Ninth Doctor and was hesitant about Ten, but man oh man, David Tennant won me over from the first moments.
Did you watch his video diaries on the DVDs? You think he can't possibly be any more adorable and then you hear his real accent.