Monday, November 28, 2011

2011 Florida ACDA Honor Choir

Again, Jacob auditioned for and made the 2011 Florida ACDA Honors Choir.  He made it last year too. Both years, he was the only one from his high school to go.

The 2011 Deland Music Festival?  Remember it landed last year on the same day as ACDA?  Yea.  Same thing this year!!  Last year I combined the day; this year I will do two separate posts.

Driving Jacob all over the place for rehearsals was soooo fun.  Um hmm.  They come from all over the state, including the Keys, so they can only rehearse the 2 days before.   That Thursday's rehearsal was at night but he had to miss school on Friday because it was an 8-hour rehearsal day. Saturday, I dropped him off at 9 a.m. for more rehearsals, before we went back for the 12:45 p.m. performance.

I love seeing these kids be so excited about chamber music!  Makes me have hope, you know?

 After the performance, his new teacher (who we ended up sitting next to totally by chance; he's the only kid from their school there) and we all went outside for pictures and talks about Candlelight at Epcot. Yes, more singing! I know you are thrilled!

Jacob with Mrs. King, his new choral director

After the concert, we headed off to lunch at Don Pablo's, where Jacob got many looks due to his attire.  :)

Here is one of the three songs performed at the 2011 Florida ACDA High School Honor Choir performance.

"Zadok the Priest" by Handel.  (Wait for it.  Scared the dickens out of Isabel when they started singing.)

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Brenda*Nery said...

Wow great sound on Video.
Jacob looks so happy and content. Love it.