Friday, November 25, 2011

Family Food & Fun

It is not often you get the five sisters ALL together in one shot.  Last time, it was 10/10/10, Brenda's wedding.  Before that?  I'm pretty sure it was my wedding; 09/15/2002.  We're just never available at one time!  This year, we were all together for Thanksgiving.  We were only missing one adult nephew and one spouse.

There was WAY too much food; it was a little ridiculous.  Tons of meats and tons of dessert.  I made a quick cake too.

Guess who took some home? No one!  It's all in my fridge!  Anyone wanting a snack? Come on over.

Dad and Kaleb have a staring contest.  Dad won.

Baby Giana eating her dinner.

Baby Ava snoozing away.

Lyric, the last one at the kiddie table.

Damian holding Sookie and Vixen.
We decided to go outside and take family pictures.  As I set up the tripod, I started taking random test shots. This picture below was totally candid.  They had no idea I was taking pictures.  It looks like some men's ad.

Youngest sister Lissette & hubby John

Eldest sister Brenda & Hubby Freddy

Let's go people! Why's Isabel so cranky?  I think Jake's yelling at her. 

The "good" family pictures are on the previous post here.

We decided to take a shot of the five sisters.  I went to the formal living room a.k.a. the piano room to set up.  The lighting is minimal in the room so I decided to mess with the shutter speed.

Oooooooh, ghoooooost!

Brenda, Janelys, Kaaren, Vicky & Lissette

My step-mom Nellie with the girls

Dad & Nellie with the girls in age order
Two sisters and dad/Nellie left that evening, while two sisters spent the night with their kids and hubbies.  It was a truly fun day.  I am thankful we were together.


Niki said...

great pics of you and your sisters!

Brenda*Nery said...

This day was so great!
Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. I am sure you still have leftovers. lol